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1. Bound copies of Esmedunas - from 1909 to 1978 - are available for inspection at the Liverpool Record Office, Central Library, William Brown Street, Liverpool L3 SEW-Tel. 0151233 5817. There are some gaps in this collection and the Association has helped by donating some of the copies it holds. There is no certainty that a copy of Esmeduna was published each Term, which may be the reason for some of the gaps.

2. The Association has also deposited with the Record Office, copies of the Collegiate Times issued between 2002 and 2014. It is the intention to deposit a copy each year when published.

3. Requests to examine the abovementioned documents need to be made in advance by telephoning or e-mailing the Record Office and agreeing a time and date for your visit. The documents will be available at the time and on the date arranged. Copies can be made of the documents - including the use of a camera. The Record Office will require details of the documents copied. Contact can be made via e-mail at - <>

4. The reference to be quoted for both the Esmedunas and the Collegiate Times is 373.22 COL.

5. It was thought originally that all the copies of Esmeduna held by the Association would be deposited with the Record Office for safe keeping and future reference. It transpired, however, that the LRO already had bound copies of Esmedunas and that there were only four copies held by the Association, which the LRO did not have. The Association has donated these copies to the LRO. Having no useful purpose, therefore, for the other copies of Esmeduna, they have been returned to the Association. They will be retained by the Association and on a regular basis snippets will be extracted and entered on the Website and Facebook. Arrangements are in hand in this connection.

6. There are, of course, other documents held by the LRO, which relate to the School, Pupils and Teachers. Some of these documents are embargoed for 100 years, especially those relating to personal details. It is possible, however, for research purposes, to examine such records at the discretion of the LRO. By way of example, the son or daughter of a former Old Boy may wish to examine their Father's personal records. An application for such access has to be made on a form (obtainable from the LRO) and there is a small fee payable to the LRO. A telephone call or e-mail to the LRO to be made for this service.




HEADMASTERS1909 – 1929 Mr. S.E. Brown
Late Scholar of Christ`s College, Cambridge, and the first Headmaster of the Liverpool Collegiate School. Graduated with First Class Honours, obtained prizes and a Scholarship in Natural Science, and was President of one of the University Science Clubs, at Cambridge. Played for his College in cricket, football and tennis. For three years he was a master at Bootham School (York), for four at Ackworth School and for nearly nine at Uppingham School, where he was Senior Science Master, and from which he was appointed Headmaster of the Collegiate.

1930 – 1941 Mr. A.M Gibson
Scholar of Caius College, Cambridge. Prizeman in modern languages and musical composition. Secretary of the University Musical Club. On the staff of the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth (1919-1920) and Head of Modern Languages at Repton School (1920-1929). Distinguished war service – awarded the Croix de Guerre. Wrote the music for the new school song (Paean Esmedunensis). The words were written by the Vice Principal (V.J. Dunstan)

1943-1947 Mr. W.J.R. Gibbs
Queens College, Cambridge Historical Tripos (1906) – Mus. B. Head of the Oulton High School for 15 years before coming to the Collegiate.

1947 – 1967 Mr. K.A. Crofts
Pupil at Leeds Grammar School. New College, Oxford. Joined the Collegiate in 1938, from Wolverhampton Grammar School, where he was Senior Classics Master.1967 – 1973 Mr. C.R. Woodward
Pupil at Caldy Grammar School. Jesus College, Cambridge – English Tripos

1975 – 1985 Mr. Ellis Clarke
Pupil at Wade Deacon G.S., Widnes. Liverpool University – B.A. (Hons). French Master – 1955 – Liverpool Collegiate - French and Games – i/c Rugby. (8 yrs) - Head of Modern Languages. Vice Principal – 1973-74
Rugby – Liverpool Schools XV. Liverpool University/English Universities. Liverpool RUFC and Lancashire County XV.
Season in French Rugby Championship. Cricket –Widnes C.C. & M`side Comp. X1

Vice Principals

1905 – 1928 Mr. Walter R. Prideaux
Scholar of Queens` College, Cambridge
Obtained Honours in the Classical Tripos
Schoolmaster at Roehampton, Clifton College and other Schools. Appointed Classics Master at Liverpool College in 1900. Appointed Vice Principal of the Middle and Lower Schools in 1905 1928 – 19?? Mr. V.J. Dunstan
Pupil – Hereford Cathedral School. Scholar of Pembroke College, Cambridge. 1st class Honours Classical Tripos

1932 – 1938 Mr. H. Houghton
Scholar of Emmanuel College,Cambridge. Senior Classical Master, Nottingham High School

1938 – 1947 Mr. K.A. Crofts
(See above)

1947 – 1957 Mr. A.L. (“Pat”) Kneen
Joined the School as a scholarship boy. Went to Liverpool University and read History. On graduation became a Master at the Liverpool Collegiate Institution and Senior History Master in 1924 (in the Liverpool Collegiate School)

1958 – 1961 Mr. A.J. Stocks
Arrived from Wolverhampton Grammar School
Left in 1961 on appointment as Headmaster of Sir Thomas Rich's School, Gloucester.

196? – 19?? Mr. C.R. Woodward
(See above)

1967 – 19?? Mr. J.H. Gawler
Pupil at City of London School. Christs College, Cambridge. Classical Tripos. Arrived at the School in 1926

19?? – 1971 Mr. A. Roberts
(Further information sought)

1973 – 1974 Mr. Ellis Clarke
(See above)

1974 – 19?? Mr. M.J. Morris
(Further information sought)


Unfortunately, we do not have a list of awards that have been presented to our members. We do not believe that that there has been no such awards. We believe that our members have been tardy in bring such items to our attention. Come on lads! "Let's be 'avin' yer!"