Memories of Teachers

This page is included on our site, to allow members to send an email, or write in, to share their memories of Staff from their time at school.

 Please feel free to let us all share some aspect of your memories.  Don't worry if your item seems a bit 'naff' to you.  To other members, it may be enough to trigger off a complete set of idiosyncratic snippets

of facts and figures that brings it all back in focus for us all.  You could find yourself practically smelling the school dinners again. :-) 

Feel free to suggest some editing (or additions) to the data. In particular, If you can add to the list of names below, that would be very welcome.

BTW -- We have quite a lot of missing pupil names here - We would appreciate any help that may be available in this respect.

Of course, some things may be remembered incorrectly.  In which case, simply stand back and accept a complete plethora of corrections, from other members.

The following comments are taken from emails, which have come (mostly) from pupils from the 1970s to 1980s.  This won't do!  Come on lads, let's have some memories of (Doc) Wallace

Or even (Ma) Taylor [She taught Jackie Balmer, you know!]. :-)

Please note - By the nature of such things, a certain amount of censoring is inevitable.  It would not be acceptable to print unfair remarks about people who have no chance

of defending themselves. :-(

Just as important, is to include, (in your writeup), the years that you were at school and some of the forms that you graced :-) :-)

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Airey F Taught French Ben Laden 1945-50

Don Ashton.

Taught me maths for all the time I was at Collegiate. An old-boy himself - was inspired by Mr Moncibowitz (Think that's how his name was spelt)

. Mr Moncibowitz used to set us mathematical conundrums at the end of term.

P. Phillips




Ran the Junior Soccer team 1950s.  I remember when we lost to S.F.X. in a Shield Semi-final .... I was in the dressing room after the match and was in tears

.... Mr. Ashcroft came up to me and said, "You've got to learn to lose as well as win". Yet another gentleman who taught at the school.


Bamber  H

History teacher


Banyard  F

"Bertie" Taught History Told me I would never pass History "O" Level and to spite him I did - but only because of his challenge.


Barrass Bob

Lifeboatman and clever fella, but once fell off a chair in front of our class, covering the holes in the windows.


Beavan G.N.

Was a left-wing history teacher, joined the school about 1968/9


Bell  ?

"Ding Dong" French. Captain in the C.C.F. and later Commanding Officer.


Blackledge  P.D.

Good cricketer. Taught French, smoked a pipe and ran the school cricket team for years


Blaney Bob

Geography teacher. Once told a friend of mine that he must improve his punctuation - he went on to be a college lecturer



E.M (Mrs)

Joined the school as Miss Allanson(sp?) before she married K. Bradbury. English (my form teacher) .... used to run messages for her !!!!    



Another smoker and form master. His aim with the blackboard duster was second to none. Taught Modern languages. P. Phillips ??-1964

French. "Keith" Bradbury taught Spanish and French and was very well respected. Good sense of humour and quite inspirational.


Spanish teacher, who I never had teaching me


Brereton, G

Had a bit of a temper, but generally OK


Brimage  Ian

Ginger hair and bearded History teacher. Good Blue - lived on Muirhead. Good footy coach, with a short fuse though


Brown Bob

Chemistry teacher



Known as RDB (Relative |Density Bottle) because of his shape


Buck Ernie

Came to teach music and star trumpet player in the Philharmonic. Lived in Molyneux Road and was a sound fella

Butler John Another with a short fuse - didn't tolerate people messing around near the hot fires in his metalwork class    


Butler  J.M.

Woodwork. Was also a remedial teacher when the school went comprehensive


Taught metalwork not woodwork as previously reported; ran the CCF in conjunction with Mr Langford. Was a bloody good laugh, a really fair man, and

served as Head of Middle School for a while


Chalk  S.F. (Major)

C.O. - C.C.F. known obviously as "Chalky". Dear old Sid and his green teeth ! Ruled with a rod of steel (literally) but I found him very fair. Would spend

hours after school teaching cadets to fire the .22 rifle in the Rifle Range and even more hours at weekends at Altcar and Formby Camp


"Sid" Chalk (Chalky) was one of the most memorable characters. Taught Metalwork and occasionally Maths, as well as being CCF CO. He was Form Master

for 4D in 1961/2 and endeared himself to everyone by giving each a "Tiffin" bar to take to Colomendy (sp ?).


I once had an argument with him when he pulled me up for wearing a CND badge. He thought it was immoral that kids so young should be politically

indoctrinated. I argued that it was better than teaching them how to kill each other. Don't remember who won.


Chelboun Chris

Known as Charlie and looked like a Kray twin with his National Health glasses



erson  S

Geography and PE, played rugby for Waterloo. Didn't like those who were more interested in mens sana than corpore sano. Hung around in a group with

like-minded individuals such as Grimbaldeston (Grimbo - taught English) and 'Bob' Barras (taught maths and acted as a lifeguard at New Brighton during the

summer vacation). The latter got me through maths O level, so I shouldn't grumble, though I still could never see eye to eye with him.




Stern but a MARVELLOUS, MARVELLOUS, MARVELLOUS maths teacher at a lower level. Maths - greatly feared. The notorious "Jack" Clancy

: threw blackboard rubbers and made you kneel at the front of the class if you were stupid.


Was a small eccentric Maths teacher ; awful if you were crap at Maths, a genius if you were any good. Retired when I was in 5a.. We bought him a

bottle of Clan Dew and he came up to the second floor to thank us. He had not been above the ground floor for five years.


Cobbold  Bob

History teacher who drove a Blue Beetle

Coles J

An absolutely brilliant teacher, perhaps he was not at the school very long, I think he went on to a Headship at a prestigious college somewhere 'down south'.

John Hitchmough 19??-1960



Taught Music, and was from Childwall - tried to fit in with his jokes, but didnt fit the part




Chemistry teacher




Taught English. Probably one of the greatest influences on my professional life. Talked me into going to UEA (his old university) rather than Oxbridge,

and set me on the steep path to both academia and publication. Wish I could get in touch with him now - I lost contact years ago, and even the Old

Boys' Assoc can't trace him.




A French and German teacher, he had little interest in anyone who was totally committed to German. I can now speak fluent German, despite him,

not because of him.


Languages guru from Yorkshire. Best moment with him was when his projection screen fell on his head, and everybody sat there laughing, and


helped him


Cox  G.


Physics teacher - known as "Cuddly Cox"..used to speak for hours on end about the flat earth society......I remember one memorable day in the


of this lecture...him looking out of the window...jumping in the air, and running out to catch a car thief...

Physics - A gentleman and scholar.    

Crofts  K.

I kept getting called to his study as I had the misfortune to have the same name as a miscreant a year above me. P, Phillips ??-1964

Headmaster 1950s. Was a Quaker. No words can adequately describe the influence he had on the school, staff and pupils. Much, much more than a





Vic Crossman taught maths, took 5th and 6th formers to play golf and sang basso profundo in the choir. I was in the choir too but only joined in the

sixth form so I could get into first sitting of dinners and get out of playground duty as a prefect.




Old Scotsman, who used to punish you with a knuckle blow to your head. Good maths bloke though


Darton  A.J.

English teacher. Just a nice man. (Dicky) traditionally took 3A(or 1A when Rems and Shells were removed in 69) as their form teacher, and a

wonderful man. Eventually promoted to Head of Lower School (1st and 2nd Years). One of the most able teachers in the school who led by being



Dennis  J.A.





Physics teacher, took soccer first XI.. was a rabid Evertonian though

Miserable as sin - once hit me.    

Derbyshire was a Physics teacher who ran 1st XI footy for years. We once caught a glimpse of his teaching notes, had entries like "tell them the joke

about Avagadro in the bath" Didn't strike me as miserable. An Old Boy.


Derbyshire Maurice

Known as Dan - was once on Granada News having discovered Altrincham's John Lacy, who was playing against Spurs in the cup




"Ken" Dodsworth (or "Doddy") taught Modern Languages. Another nice man. Always smiling


Edwards  Emyr

Known as Taffy - was hated on the football pitch and in the classroom, but he meant well and was a good fella


Edwards  E.M.

History and 1st XI Football. (Taffy) was a tough Welshman who had no time for fools. But he was fair, and not many boys got the better of him.


Eland  Terry

Taught Latin and the first year thickos. Came into his own when rehearsing singing for Founders Day and Prize Day when he led the singing.


Evans  ?

"Ben" - Greek and Latin


Ewell  L.J.



Falconer  ?

Latin and French. Maxie Falconer was a lovely funny man .. you played "snakes and ladders" in Latin and French classes... had a wealth of funny

stories...he laughed non-stop at a third form French text .."Est-ce que la craie est dans la poche ??? Oui, Oui, dans la poche " he laughed till the tears

flowed "wee, wee dans la......."



"Shane"(Alvin Stardust) History and CCF ..nice bloke


Finlayson  Stuart

Rugby player who taught Physics. Bit of a nonentity


Fitton  Brian

Known as Bazza - History Teacher and good Blue


Fitton  B.C.

"Joe" Fitton, History. Taught History, and was another left-winger - (are all History teachers commies ?)


Floirat  J


Fryer He taught gym & RE (a peculiar combination). P. Phillips ??-1964
Gym Dave Barrow 1959-66

Gain  N.J.

"Nippy Jim" taught Latin.. but spent most of his time reading us P.G. Wodehouse.. He spoke of sitting at the same desk as PG (his hero) in Dulwich

College..we used to "Bid" for marks after exams ... if you got`d bid 80, and he`d say ..think of a number..double it..subtract x, etc. etc..

and you`d get your score..silly but nice to us at that age. Used to write in Esmeduna under the nom de plume "Kudos" (Greek for gain) or just "K".


Gamwell  Brucie

Couldnt grow a beard, wasn't very good looking, and wore a leather coat all the time. I couldnt draw maps, so was regularly put into detention for

not trying, allegedly


Gawler  J.H.

Another stern but lovely man..latin teacher..memories are preparing Virgil(Funeral Games)...whispering to McKight in front "The bulls were decked

with garlands"..and McKnight saying "The bulls were decked with garments" and Jack saying "Get a hearing aid McKnight, Grady can`t speak much

louder !!" He had this marvellous tarantulum (a working model of roman military spear firing engine).. we used to fire nails in the lunchtime till he found

us out.


Gillespie  W.B.

Still going at 99 ! Gillespie was the Form Master for Transitus and Careers master. Advised most people to become a Bank Clerk or a Customs


Officer ! Nice guy.


Glover  Dennis



Golder  R.W.



Gracey  J



Graf  Reggie

Taught Biology, ran to work, and was in the CCF.


Graham  Ian

English teacher

Greaves My first form master and Geography teacher. A delightful man. Met him on the Methodist Local Preachers Circuit once or twice after leaving (1964)

P. Phillips




Geography..think he was Brian.   He left in 1960's. leg break bowler and Methodist local preacher Dave Barrow 1959-66

Griffith  P

Chemistry Another nice guy


Grimledeston G.J.

English teacher - played Rugby


Grosvenor  E.H.

Art...sadly he was very deaf and had little idea of what was going on behind his back

Dave Barrow 1959-66


In my time at Collegiate there was a history teacher called Mr. Hall who we all dubbed "Henry" after the band leader.

Hankey Taught classics and was form master to 4A. Had an epileptic fit during a latin lesson and never came back. Was replaced by  Herring Dave Barrow 1959-66
Hanley ("Tommy")

Gym - Even at the age of ten, I despised him for continually telling us that the Headmaster was insane -(Mr Gibson had had a Breakdown)- "Tommy"

should have kept his mouth shut.

I have heard that he was not allowed into the Staff Common Room because he did not have a degree

At the "Staff v Boys" Cricket match, he used to do a "Forward Roll" as they all ran onto the pitch

I can't really remember him actually teaching us any "Gym", at all!

Peter Galvin 1941-50

Hanley  ?

"Tommy" Gym. A real live-wire despite his age. His agility was something to be admired.


Hardy  H.E.



Hayes Lizzie

Had a coloured child, was a single parent


Hayes  P


Herring  Nickname Kipper...always had a decorative handkerdhief in his jacket breast pocket and I think had a soft scottish accent...called boys "laddie" Dave Barrow 1959-66

Hewitt  T.H.

Chemistry or Physics. . Lab technician and Scouts. Taught Physics and/or Chemistry, but would probably be remembered for organising the Isle of

Mann Camp in the Summer.


Hewitt Tommy

I only dealt with him once, when I moved the spotlights during a rare trip to the balcony during the interval of a school play, and he promptly sent me

for the cane


Heyes  ?

Chemistry - wrote THE text book.


Highton  D.G.



Hill John

Quiet History teacher who was a nice fella


Hill  Mary

Physics teacher. Another "Ma" and a tyrant. Just missed being felled by a light in the Physics Lab. !!


No one could forget Miss Hill, physics teacher. "Mary Hill (also "Miss Hell") - Another sarcasm expert. She used to find an excuse early on in every

term to ban practicals for the rest of the term, presumably because it was too much work. She would make us stand for the whole lesson (including

doubles, an hour and a half). If you looked at your watch you were "showing off". Universally hated


As to my elder brother's acting abilities, from memory of the two school plays I saw him in, I thought he was actually quite good! In "Laburnam



he played the part of some female harridan and improvised a bit of business where he rubbed furiously on his left forearm with his clenched right hand,

a trait made memorable by Ma Hill when she was cross with the spotty oiks deployed in front of her! Do you remember this habit? Any road, the

awesome Miss Hill was sitting across the aisle next to me and while the rest of the audience fell about laughing, I glanced at her with the frozen

features of a fourth former (crap at Physics), with a pleading look that said, "I don't think it's funny at all, miss - please don't take it out on me in that

double period I'm dreading on Monday......." She was chuckling quietly and winked at was my first insight into her sense of humour. I was





still petrified of her on the Monday, though!!

I think that 'Ma' Hill rubbed BOTH forearms with each hand - This was simply to get rid of the chalk dust, when she went for her Coffee Break :-) P. Galvin 1941-50


"Butch" - German. Classroom was in the Rifle-range.

Holiday Hiram.

A teacher whose name escapes me but who taught us chemistry in the outside lab. Known as Hiram Holiday because of his likeness to the TV


P. Phillips



Hollinghurst  H.




"Ducko" Taught German & Divinity - retired

Howarth (Again a weak memory) but I think he arrived to teach history at the same time as Fenton. Think his nickname was jack Dave Barrow 1959-66

Hughes A Mrs

Replaced Mrs MacDonald as Art Mistress. Looked like Kate Bush, very ethnic, and was a brilliant draughtsperson. She was still teaching at the

school when it amalgamated with Breckfield, and was there when I did my observation prior to entering teacher training in 1985.


Hyde  H.K.

"Kenny" Hyde, French (and another form teacher) Kenny Hyde also taught Russian and was in charge of "careers" (told me I should look at

becoming a bank clerk - I am now a senior partner in General Practice !)

Placid French and Careers teacher - nice fella, but not cut out for bollocking people    

Isaac  M.L.R.

Form Master 3A 1956


Jackson  T.G.



Jackson Tommy

Head of Lower school and Maths teacher with milk bottle glasses

James E G

Nickname egg   French and ran the Railway Society with Ian macmillan as secretary.  Caused chaos if he used a word starting with eg, for egsample.

Dave Barrow 1959-66

Jones  B.H.

"Bamber" Jones, English and another form teacher.

Jones  Colin

Colin was head of Music at Collegiate until 1966 ? and then at Chester Training College. We will remember him when we meet at 12.30 tomorrow in Speke

John Butlert
Very sad news. Mr. Jones was head of music during my time at Collegiate and directed HMS Pinafore in 1965 in my last year . I took part in this as a marine and was also in his choir.
David Winsland

Jones  J.F.

Looked like Ray Reardon

"Jeff" English and U15s Football. Also taught Latin.    

Jones  R.D.

English and another form teacher. Was an old boy who taught Maths.


Jones Richard

Star Tennis player and taught Maths. Always needed an extra inch or two on his trousers

Joyce ?.?

I remember vividly a music teacher called Joyce whose skill was picking children up by their sidies. Also going to his wedding in the RC cathedral in

school uniform. He was our form teacher in 3rd year and got all our exam marks wrong. I also remember being in the form room after returning from


bein snowed in at Colemendy. Simultaneously the best and worst place on earth.

(Colemenditz was a common name used to refer to it. WEBBY.)

Prof. Mick A Morris
Director AMBER Research Centre
Professor of Surface and Interface Engineering
Trinity College Dublin
Kay Think he was Classics and went on to be HM Inspector Dave Barrow 1959-66

Kneen  (Pat)

Vice-Principal - known as "The Viper" ! Again a very respected but feared V.P. Lived for the school.


Lampard  R.N.

German - once gave him a bottle of cold tea masquerading as whiskey as a Christmas present : gullible but nice !!!!


Langford  G.E.



Langford E

I absolutely hated this guy - had no patience and a typical Sergeant Major attitude. CCF Bod


Langton  W.A.

"Wally" Physics & Divinity


Mahen  D.W.

"Dickie" returned as a teacher



CCF . "Bob" Mander Geography, the BIG bloke on the video (and still in Liverpool ??)


Manning-Fox  D

Latin - later Headmaster. Divinity. Had a camper van (a VW I think) and a motor-bike.


Was my form master on entry to 1A (creep) and immediately impressed me with his immaculate yellow spotted red bow tie. Needless to say, I had

to have one, and now greet my undergraduates on the first day of term with just such a garment.  DMF taught Classical Studies, Greek and Latin,

and also maths in a sort of double act with Vic Crossman across the corridor. In 1975 he was in 41A, and he shortly after became Head of the

Lower School, replacing Dickie Darton. I don't recall him being headmaster. He did run a motorbike, though - first a Honda step-thru, then a CZ,

and I think he had a caravanette too. As I recall he was an enthusiast for Morgan sportscars - he had at least one in his garage, possibly two. I tell

myself that this is where I got my inclinations for 1970s MG sportscars from - whatever the case, I drive too fast and get oily under my own MG at

weekends these days.

My first year form teacher with "Dickie Bow". I really thought I had entered University on my first day    
Someone said 'Hello Mr Manning' to which he replied in his upper class voice - "Manning Fox if you dont mind".    
Mansell E.D.

I noticed the query footnote to Derek Long's letter about E.D. Mansell. He was my form master during my 4 years in the sixth form, first VI ?

Classical, then VI ? Classical, lower, middle & upper benches.
I was told that he acquired the name Moby or Mobe through his enthusiastic recommendations of Herman Melville's Moby Dick to his pupils.


His brother by the way was an Air Vice-Marshal.
He drove a pre-selector gear box Armstrong Siddeley saloon; I once asked him how many cars he had had, and he said, 'The last five have been


Armstrongs.' Many teachers in those balmy pre-war days seem to have had private means to back up their meagre salaries.

12 Dunlin Court.
01376 571127




Mathison Ron

Friendly Scouser and French teacher



Latin & History teacher There was also a Mr, Morgan who taught English and Latin if my memory serves me right his nickname was "Moggy".


Morris John

Vice Principal who looked like Clement Fraud. Read a notice out for Valentine to go to his office on Valentine's Day and didnt see the funny side

when everybody burst out laughing. Taught History as well


Muir M Miss

Maths (I think). ("Ma") - I think we called all female teachers "Ma" - taught Maths, but struggled with control of her classes.

Peters Barry Science in the outside Chem Lab Dave Barrow 1959-66

Pitt Ray

Art Teacher, quite quiet

Dave Barrow 1959-66

Pate Carol

Taught French




Taught Maths I think - took the extreme action of banning us from being inside at break. A first time anyone can recall in the Sixth form. Phil Phillips ???????

Pobjoy  W.

Ran the "Chicks" X1 in the late 40s. Became Headmaster Quarry Bank.


Pritchard  J.A.

English ? had a camper van - a hi-ace in red. The Guy who tried to guide me to Cambridge : I failed him but only just !. Taught English, saw me

through my "O" levels.

Taught English in the university style lecture room and drove a camper van. Nice fella    

Rafter  R

"Ronnie" Rafter - am pretty sure he taught French. Odd man who drove with his nose pressed against the windscreen.

"George" Rafter taught VIth Form Economics. Nice man, Lancashire accent.    

Known to everybody as Ollie because of his bald head. Taught Economics, and you never crossed him until in the 6th form. Walked around with

his hands in his pockets and a constant smirk on his face


Riddle  S.H.M.

Was he nicknamed "Jimmy" ?


Roberts  A

as a Maths teacher who left to become Head at Alsop.


Scale  ?

"Buck" Maths.


Surely it was 'Scales' (?)- He was always cleaning his shoes, while we worked (in the strictest silence) - Did NOT support Liverpool or Everton



P.Galvin 1941-50
Shillaker Taught French and was form master to Remove A...good cricketer - He was named Roy although his initials were BRS Dave Barrow 1959-66
Short Bryan


? Smith. He used to lead the winter ski trip to Annecy. P. Phillips ??-1964



Here is a Staff Photo from 1956, sent in by John Butler who is an ex-teacher - Can you spot any of your Favourite (or Un-Favourite) teachers here ? If so, what about a little memory of days gone by. You never know! Maybe we might finish up with a fully named full total staff of our College.

John Butler




Smith  R.E.



Stocks  J.A.

V.P. after Pat Kneen


Tomlinson  ?

Modern Languages

Tubby Trubridge

He tried to teach History to me while in Remove. Used to have to leave the lesson once or twice for a smoke – leaving us to read some

passage or other. For some reason History never grabbed me and I managed to drop it before 5th form.

p Philli[ps



(I think)   nicknane Tubby Dave Barrow 1959-66

Turnbull  A.A.

Think he taught physics.


Tyler  J (Miss)



Tyrell  G.A.

Produced school plays


Upton-Jones  P.J.,

Divinity teacher and curate in Formby. Had no control of his class. Told us about the flight to Egypt. Also did Sex Education for some unknown

reason, and when he asked if anyone knew what a Dutch Cap was, had a reply "Doesn't Johann Cruyff get one for playing for Holland, sir?"


Again stretching memory here. Was either Wood or metalwork and ran the Angling Club. Ran a Land Rover and appeared to be from monied

stock.  Short  balding gentleman who was Form master to Alpha History and very religious. Had a french wife.

Dave Barrow 1959-66

Whincup  Harry


An absolute gentleman P.Galvin 1941-50

White  W.G.

French. Mr. White who taught French and was renowned for "The Scourge" a plaited rope which he wielded, if one was unlucky enough to be

wearing a pair of his football boots around your neck at the end of the class. (The boots were hurled at you if caught misbehaving during class).

"Fat" White taught French and was Form Master for 4X, the class that redid the 1st year. He was a good guy with a genuine interest in his boys.

Once drove me home after school to meet my parents (without warning) to see whether I was under-achieving because of problems at home

(I wasn't - just lazy). He was famous for leaving his flies open and for sitting on rugby scrums to see how strong they were. He would give out

minor punishments with a stick he called "Excalibur". but you could buy yourself out of them with vouchers which he gave out for good work.

Was called "Georgie" White - kept me quiet!    

Am I correct in remembering that "Georgie" White had a french wife and for a few days, a little french boy (who was a relation) came into the

school.  He wore extremely brief 'Shorts' and did not not mix very much with the other pupils.

On another subject, the first lesson in his class, he (practically) browbeat us into going to try playing Rugby on the following Saturday. 

[After having my shirt ripped in half, my Mum refused to let me go again. :-) :-) ]

P Galvin 1941-50

White  G.S.

Music teacher. Also played the organ at Beech Street Presbyterian Church (now demolished)

Very quiet man - He should have made me work harder    
Always smelt of very strong (Pipe) tobacco P.Galvin 1941-50

Whitehead  D

Young Latin teacher (1962ish) - prone to draw bells in margins of my exercise book and write "CLANG" for any mistake.


Wilkies  J.T.

Memory of J T Wilkes our chem teacher in lower 6th.

Our form master pinman - maths I think - took the extreme action of banning us from being inside at break. 1st time anyone can recall in 6th form.

J T Wilkes took pity on us and let us use the chemistry room at break and lunchtime. He came in after break and myself and ROB

WARBURTON were eating bowls of country store. Instead of interrupting he merely said when Morris and Warburton have finished breakfast


we will continue to explore variable valence of the transition metal elements.

I also remember a project we did with him on the solubility of inorganic compounds in acetone. A guy called George Madely decided to heat the

acetone over a Bunsen, it ignited burning a hole in the ceiling.

He was the best teacher I ever had - hence my profession.

Prof. Mick A Morris
Director AMBER Research Centre
Professor of Surface and Interface Engineering
Trinity College Dublin


1C to 6A

Wilson Brian

Used to have a horribly long beard, wore awful coloured suits, and smoked loads. But was a good teacher - once sent me out for fighting


Williams Greta

Music Teacher from South Wales - managed to cope with all these boys


Windever John

Was also seen at Everton matches


Woodward  C.R.

He caned 90% of the form for something that was considered a ‘corporate’ misdemeanour’. I really was an innocent


P. Phillips  

Keen on rugby & boxing ! Later Headmaster of Collegiate. Once threw me out for finishing one of his jokes off (then had the audacity to put

in my school report "Thank goodness his work is better than his appalling jokes !!!". Incidentally Mr. Woodward was a new English teacher

while I was there and he used to lock the classroom door and smoke during class. I see he reached the dizzy heights of Principal.


This 'smoking in class' business does not seem to fit in with another story that (when he was Headmaster) he used to go up onto the roof of

the school so that he could see into the toilets (in the yard) and catch pupils who were smoking :-)

P Galvin 1941-50
Could really TEACH English - very impressive - how the governors managed to do the right thing (and make him Principal) I will never know :-)    
An excellent teacher (Pity he liked Rugby :-)) P.Galvin 1941-50

Yelland Dave

A welsh physics teacher with a horrible voice, and temper to match


Yerbury  Edwin



Zeffert Yvonne

Latin teacher famous for her BMW's. Once crashed into the back of a bus on Moss Street, and as word got round during lunchtime, she must

have felt last