This was the celebration of the founding of the Liverpool College (and of course the Liverpool Collegiate Institution) in 1840. The Governors and Principal of the Liverpool College again ,very
kindly invited Members of the Council of the Collegiate Old Boys' Association to join them in the celebration. Four Members of the Council were able to accept their invitation. They were warmly
welcomed and shown to their reserved seats four rows from the front of the congregation, a fine seat.Before the service, Professor Ian Tracey, Organist Titulaire of Liverpool Cathedral played ‘Fantasia in G’ by J.S. Bach and during which the 68 members of the school choir took their places either side of the aisle, in the choir stalls. In front of them was the school orchestra consisting of about 50 school members of all

At 11.55am the High Sheriff of Merseyside, Mr Peter Woods DI and the Deputy Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr. Peter Brennan were escorted to their seats, just in front of our seats.

At 12.00 pm ,the congregation were then welcomed to the Cathedral by the new Dean of the Cathedral. Rev Jones the first Lady Dean to be appointed at the Cathedral, since it was built.

A fanfare was sounded on the organ and we sang the 5 verses of the Hymn. "Lift up your hearts!" , during which the procession of those taking part in the Service passed down the main aisle and took their places. Mr Philip Hammersley, Chaplain of Liverpool College welcomed all present and prayed that God would forgive all our sins in thought, word and deed, following which we stood to sing the School Song as ours in Latin, the first line being "Eia! Eia! Socii", a little different than our School Song but sang as ours most enthusiastically. The Principal, then read and gave the commendation of the Founders and Benefactors of the Liverpool Collegiate Institution from back in 1840 closing with the giving of thanks for the Founders and Benefactors and all others who by their generosity and their labours have furthered the well-being of the school and declaring that we all commit ourselves once more to the vision they established, again as usual a moving moment.

While the 50 plus members of the school orchestra played 'Flourish for Wind Band' by Ralph Vaughan Williams, pupils from the Preparatory School and Senior School presented the 14 emblems of their houses symbolically bringing the College before God for his blessing. The Principal then led us in prayers for the
past, present and future of the school to which those present suitably replied.

The first reading, Psalm 103 of David was then read by the Chairman of the Governing Body of Liverpool College, Mrs M Mason. We then stood to sing the Hymn, 'Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven'. This was followed by the second reading from Luke 19:1-10 read by Miss L Brown, year 4 Teacher, Preparatory

Then we sang the hymn "Amazing grace! How Sweet the sound" This was followed by a short sermon given by the The Reverend, Dr Michael Leydens whose message was, that the meaning of life was be true to yourself, get things done and make yourself happy. Commit yourself for your future life.

The combined choirs then sang the anthem, 'Christ is our Cornerstone' accompanied by the organ. Words from the 9th century, Trans by John Chandler. Music by Noel Rawsthorne. Then followed the prayers led by the Chaplain, a trustee of the Liverpool College Foundation, a Governor, a Staff member, a Parent, the Preparatory School Head Boy and Girl, an old Lerpoolian, an Old Huytonian, and the school head boy and
girl The Chaplain then led us in saying the Lord's Prayer. The Head boy, Mikaal, of the preparatory school, parents were sitting just in front of us and we chatted expressed our pride in their boy's achievement; particularly as two years earlier their older son had also read the lesson. The Chaplain then led us in the saying of the Lord's Prayer. Following the prayers we sang the final hymn ”For all the saints, who from their labours rest" during which the collection was taken for the work and ministry of this Cathedral.
The massed choirs then sang a Reflection, "Holy Father, cheer our way with thy love's perpetual ray" Words by Rev. R.H. Robinson. and music by C.H. Kitson (1874 - 1944). The school Chaplain then led the Grace. This was followed by a fanfare and two verses of the National Anthem were sung to conclude a fine, moving service finishing just after 1.00pm. As the processions left the cathedral the organist played Rondeau from Abdalazer - Henry Purcell.

The members of the council had been invited back to the College for soup, drinks and a buffet lunch in the
Principals Office and to chat with friends at what is now becoming a very pleasant event. Again it was a fine day celebrating the founding of the Liverpool College and of course the Liverpool Collegiate Institution, back in 1840.

Our thanks go to Richard Thwaite {1943-1949} for this report.