Esmeduna Society Letter

From: Michael Hill.
To: COBA Secretary.
Sent: Monday, February 20th 2012
Subject: Esmeduna

Dear Sir,

My son Spencer Hill has been in touch with you recently. I am his dad and we have both been following links to my father Henry Thomas Hill. He was killed in an air accident over East Anglia in 1941.

The intrigue is that I have what looks like a formal dinner programme which is entitled 'Esmeduna Society 1939 and 1940'. but no other date so clearly not an actual dated event.

As I understand it the society was formed for boys who had graduated to Cambridge Uni from Liverpool (where my dad was born). He started working life as a shipping clerk at Alfred Holt which was then a major shipping company operating out of liverpool.

Quite how he became associated with Esmeduna is my next query. In the document there is a list of 17, I suppose 'members' all of which were college undergrads - Kings, Caius etc - with the exception of my dad who is just listed as H T Hill RAF.

On the inside of the 'programme', the listed dignitaries are Pres, Mich Term, DW Logan. Hon Vice Pres Sir Sydney Jones, GR Mitchell and RS Briggs. Hon Sec was F Hobson.

Can you shed any light on what, why, when my dad was part of this society? Or, if you have any other links we could follow???


Michael Hill

Hi Mr Hill,

Well, you certainly have a puzzle, here.  If H.T.Hill was alive now, I think that he would be in his late 80's or early 90's.  Our Vice-president has been scanning the records, as you can see below.  Our next hope is that members of COBA may produce other data to help you in your search.

Regards - Webmaster.

From: The Vice-President of COBA.

Good Morning Michael,

Further to my recent e-mail, copies of the School Magazine (Esmeduna) have been scanned and the following references are made to H.T.Hill -

Junior Prefect - 1935/36
School Play - King Henry IV - performed in role of Earl of Westmoreland - 22nd and 24th february, 1936

Kindest regards
A.N. Evans