"The Tom Farrell" Letter

Dear Webmaster,

Just a line to say that my book 'Tim Oliver 'Evacuee' has just been published. It's technically known as a 'fictionalised memoir', covering my evacuation, adventures and scrapes in the Shropshire countryside, a running battle with a martinet Headmistress, boyish impressions of the war, and return to Liverpool to start at the Collegiate.

Dr Gardner Thompson, until recently head of History at Dulwich College wrote ' This convincing glimpse into history...Engaging and illuminating; a valuable insight for readers of any age into what World War 2 meant for one city boy.

It can be bought from Amazon or, if anyone wants a signed copy, direct from me at tomfarrell@uwclub.net., £12 hardback, £9 softback (plus postage, approx £2.50p).

Yours ever,

Tom Farrell

Hi Tom,

I remember you, in the Prep - always cheerful and bright - good at games, especially Rugby (if my memory is correct)  - cleverer than me (but who wasn't?) - You did mention that you were no relation to the Everton Team Captain, at that time.

Some may remember Tom for representing Britain, in the Olympic Games!

Other COBs may remember Tom doing an Act in a "N****r Minstrel Show" that Mr White (the Music Master) arranged.  All the performers wore overalls and wide straw hats.  Tom had an Act that involved a performing flea, that did all sorts of marvellous tricks.  Mind you, as the flea was so small, none of us could actually see it.  I would like to challenge any other COBs who can remember this act, to write in and tell us how Tom finished his act.

In the same vein, we have made a request for any other members to write in, with memories of their evacuation - COME ON now, let's be 'aving youse lot!

Cheers - Webmaster