"Fire" Letter

From: David Windrow (1981-1985) 5b1
Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2012 4:51 PM
Subject: Fire 1985

Dear Webmaster,

With respect to the fire, it was started under the old piano which was stored on the lower floor of the assembly hall to the left as you walked in.

I remember that day well. I was in class 5b1, at that time. I had decided to go home early (sag the last lesson). Living in Aintree, at the time, I got off at 3.00 went to get the bus from what was the Ribble bus station in town.

As the bus was going past the old TGWU building, I saw two fire engines flying up Islington and a plume of smoke up the hill. I thought nothing of it.

When I got home, the phone rang. It was my mate from school, "Dave". He told that he had had to 'grass me up, for sagging'.

I asked him why. He told me that it was because the school had gone on fire and Mr Butler was just about to go back in, to find me. So, he had to tell him where I was. Fair enough really, I suppose.

Oh, and I know where the fire started because everybody in our year knew who started it. It was some idiot from 5c2.

Yours - David Windrow 1981-1985