Les Ledsham Letter

From: Les Ledsham (1968 to 1973)

Re: Your request for articles detailing significant events in the history of the school.

Hi Webmaster

I attended from 1968 to 1973 and posses a few Esmeduna Magazines,a couple of programmes from School plays,a few school text books,a few GCE O level papers,an, original copy of The Liverpool Echo reporting the destruction of the School by fire,which i witnessed 1st hand ,and a copy of   "A Short History of The Liverpool Collegiate School 1908-1985"  by H.S. Corran complete with Errata sheet and Authors signed receipt of payment.....oh ! and of course my School Report book.



Hi Les

Thank you very much, for this excellent email - We have forwarded a copy of it to various members of the Association Council, who (I am sure) will contact you about this data.

In the meantime, we would be very interested in knowing whether you would care to do a writeup about the Fire from a personal standpoint?   We hope that this does not sound as though we are trying to 'impose on you', too much.:-)

In any case, we are sure that someone (like you) who has kept all this data, MUST have some personal anecdotes.  We would all enjoy hearing another story about (say) Ma Hill, et al. :-)