Roy Carroll Letter

From: Roy Carroll (1951 to 19??)

Re: letters from Bob Edwards and Jim Turner.

Hi Webmaster

My name is Roy Carroll and I am a life member of COBA. I noticed on the web site, letters from Bob Edwards and Jim Turner. I remember them both quite well and have a few snaps, from the old days, which I am sure they would enjoy ( and also maybe the snaps could be put in the next newsletter or on the web site for others of that era to enjoy ).

Could you kindly forward the attached photos on to them? If they enjoy them, then I do have a couple more from that era which I can forward to you, or them, if you pass on my email address .

Looking forward to your reply ,

Roy Carroll


Back Row - Ian McGaw, Alan Walsh, Len Virr, Rob Moon, Eric Lee, Fred Parry, C Melville,
Fred Kilshaw, George Rooney, David Corfield.

2nd Row   - Paul Seymour, Rob Lloyd, Alan Morris, Tom Rimmer, Stan Rowlands, Dave Raven,
Billy Crane, Phil Williamson.

3rd Row    - Joe Davison, Bob Edwards, Alan Forshaw, Tony Hardwick, Mr Woodward, Roy Carroll,
Rob Ashcroft, Alan Reid, Stan Beesley.

Front Row - Sam Rourke, Billy Gerald, Dave Brough, Barry Brine.

Liverpool Collegiate U-13 Chicks 1951-52
Back Row    -  Bowman, Millhouse, Macauley, Nichols, Harris, Jones, Ken Ager, K A Turner.
Middle Row - Roy Carroll, D Price, Brown (Capt), Jim Turner, John Evans.
Front Row   - ? Patterson,  Ian Hume.

Hi Roy,

Thanks for your mail. Your email address has been duly passed on to Bob and Jim. We know that they have started to exchange mail with each other and we would expect that you will shortly be joining that "merry throng" :-)

If there is anyone else, who remembers Bob, Jim or Roy, we would be glad to pass your address on, to them.

Of course, we would still like to add your letters to the site and (certainly) the more pictures, the better :-)