Leonard Rossiter Letter

From:- Guy Adams

Hello there,

I am currently working on a biography of Leonard Rossiter who attended the Liverpool Collegiate School between 1939 and 1945. I would love to be able to speak to any old boys who remember him and wonder if you might be able to help put me in touch?

Guy Adams

Thank you  Guy,

I was in "The Prep", for part of this time, but have no recollection of Rossiter - Mind you - I was only aged 7, while (I understand) he was Captain of Cricket and Captain of Football. 

However, here is a plea to any of our Old Boys for ANY information (or Photos) that they may have - As usual, any items that are forwarded, on a loan basis, can be copied and returned in as 'pristine' a condition, as they were received.

BTW - There is a mention that "Rossiter took the last 5 wickets for zero runs" in the 1940 edition of ESMEDUNA (You can see this at the Liverpool Record Office) or on this Website in the "Evacuation" section of the "Memories" Page.