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I am carrying out research into my family. My father was Douglas William Logan born 27 March 1910.  My uncle was James Stevenson Logan who was born in 1903. Have you any archive material relating to their time at Liverpool Collegiate School which you could make available to me?

If I am addressing this request to the wrong person could you please let me have the correct e-mail address?

Thank you.

Kind regards

Alastair Logan

Thank you, Alistair

We have sent a reply to Alastair, letting him know that COBA does not keep any historical records relating to the Collegiate. However, we feel sure his father and uncle would have featured in copies of school lists and Esmeduna (the school magazine) for that era.

Although we still have (an incomplete) set of these magazines, at some later date they will be deposited at the Liverpool Record Office, in William Brown Street so that the public can access them.

Therefore we would suggest contacting them.   We are sure they will be easy to find, using Google.

We will skim through the copies of Esmeduna, that we do happen to have, for the period when Douglas Logan would have been at School, to see if any references are made to him. The uncle's time at the school, may be a little too early for us.

BTW - We would like to take this opportunity to re-iterate our plea to members who may have (missing) copies of Esmeduna, for them to give us an opportunity to make copies of them. (And return them, of course).

Collegiate School records (of pupils) were deposited with the Liverpool Record Office by the former Headmaster of the Breckfield Comprehensive School, these records having come into his possession when the Collegiate ceased to exist. However, these records cannot be accessed by members of the public as the data is closed until 2030 and later. Clearly it is of a confidential nature.

We hope that this will be of some help, and (as you can see), Alistair's query is published on our website, (as promised) in the hope that somebody reads his request and can help in any way.

As far as "addressing the right person" is concerned, at the top of our ADMIN PAGE, there are links to the email addresses of the appropriate COBA Contacts.

Best wishes,



We have checked through the copies of The Esmeduna that we have and produced the following results :-

James Stevenson Logan (DOB 1903)

In July, 1919, he was one of the Editors of the Commercial Collegiate School Esmeduna and also a Prefect of the School. He was also Secretary of the Collegiate School Debating Society and spoke at meetings of the Guild. One subject he spoke on (reported in December, 1919) was `An appeal for a fair-minded hearing of the services which America had rendered to the Allies - laying stress on the value of the financial aid during the Great War`

He left School to attend Liverpool University, but continued to play Rugby for the Collegiate Old Boys. In July, 1926, a report stated that 'he was a very hard worker in the scrum and has improved in every department`. In April, 1927, a report stated that the team had benefited greatly from the help received from the varsity members.

He was listed in `Honours gained by Old Boys`, in March, 1926, as having achieved in medicine an MB and CHB final examination Part II, with distinction in Public Health - at Liverpool University.

Douglas William Logan

The only reference in Esmedunas is that he lived a Chisca, Court Hey, Broadgreen and that he joined the Collegiate Old Boys` Association in December, 1928.