The "Phil Phillips" Letter

From: Phil Phillips (????-1964)
Date: 7 December 2015
To: Webmaster
Subject: Memories

Hi Webmaster,

Having been directed to the web-site by another ‘old-boy’ I flicked through some of the letters, especially those which encompassed my few years at Collegiate.  As you might expect, it brought back some of the following memories of my schooldays - Such as :-


SOME of my STAFF Memories.
Brian Greaves. My first form master and Geography teacher. A delightful man. Met him on the Methodist Local Preachers Circuit once or twice after leaving (1964)
Tubby Trubridge. He tried to teach History to me while in Remove. Used to have to leave the lesson once or twice for a smoke – leaving us to read some passage or other. For some reason History never grabbed me and I managed to drop it before 5th form.
Hiram Holiday. A teacher whose name escapes me but who taught us chemistry in the outside lab. Known as Hiram Holiday because of his likeness to the TV character.
Don Ashton. Taught me maths for all the time I was at Collegiate. An old-boy himself was inspired by Mr Moncibowitz (Think that’s how his name was spelt). Mr Moncibowitz used to set us mathematical conundrums at the end of term
Keith Bradbury. Another smoker and form master. His aim with the blackboard duster was second to none. Taught Modern languages.
? Smith. He used to lead the winter ski trip to Annecy.
Fryer. He taught gym & RE (a peculiar combination).
C.R. Woodward. He caned 90% of the form for something that was considered a ‘corporate’ misdemeanour’. I really was an innocent bystander.
K.A. Croft. I kept getting called to his study as I had the misfortune to have the same name as a miscreant a year above me.

In a separate vein :-

As will be well known - Below the 6th form, we were not allowed to use the central staircase except moving to or from the hall. At the time I wore ‘fashionable’ yellow socks and on the way to assembly was followed by a prefect who ‘required’ me to show him more conservative socks the following day or punishment may well be delivered. How power went to some heads!

Other memories flow, but this will do for starters.

Phil Phillips

Hi Phil,

Nice letter  - Our Site does have a section for Member's memories of their teachers - This can be accessed via a link on the 'Memories Page', or by clicking on HERE - Some entries are for the same persons covered in your letter.

In any case, your data will be added to that list ASAP :-)

Cheers WEBBY