" Shield Final Photo" Letter

From: Eric Carr ( 1955-61)
Subject: Shield Final Photo.

Dear Webmaster,

I have just discovered the attached photograph in the attic and thought it may be of interest, particularly to those involved.  I seem to recall that it was L'Pool Grammar Schools Senior Shield Final against Quarry Bank at Goodison Park in May 1961. Dare I mention that we lost and to those with good memories we'll gloss over Anfield the previous year !

In addition to yours truly (back left standing) the picture includes Dave Barraclough, Mickey Price, Colin Griffiths, Barry Fitton, Phil Percival, Mike Galley, Owen Fisher, Johnnie Fowler, Lionel Ross, and Barry Caton - leaves about 2 where memory fades - (sorry guys) :-( .

With very best regards.

Eric Carr (56 to 61)


Hi Eric

Thanks for photo - If Johnnie or Lionel have not got this, I know that it will be much appreciated

Of course, Lionel is nowadays, the "Lord High Poobar" the Soccer section of the old boys and, you can see a more up-to-date picture of him on the 'Admin' page of this website  - Also he is lumbered with the job of finding a newish joke, each year as he masterminds the job of Master of Ceremonies at the Annual Dinner :-) - Apart from a few unimportant things, he also regularly writes reviews for the music magazine "Blues in Britain". :-)

Oh!, I nearly forgot, :-) He is also our new Vice Chairman of COBA.

Once again, I ask all you "Know-alls" :-) for any more information that they may have - such as the two missing names or some subsequent history of achievement by some of the team

Cheers - Webmaster

From: Lionel Ross ( 1953-61)
Subject: Shield Final Photo.

Mixed memories! Great to play at Goodison Park but, sadly, we lost 1-2. The game was indeed the final of the Merseyside Senior Shield Competition but we played Prescot Grammar School - not Quarry Bank. The players were (left to right): back row - Eric Carr, Dave Barraclough, Keith Baldwin, Mike Price, Colin Griffiths, Barry Fitton, Billy Leech and Phil Percival; front row - Mike Galley, Owen Fisher, John Fowler, Li Ross and Barry Caton. Billy Leech scored our goal direct from a free kick.

From: John Fowler ( 1955-62)
Subject: Shield Final Photo.

Dear Webmaster,

With reference to the recent letter from Eric, the two missing names are Keith Baldwin and Billy Leech, and the Senior Shield Final at Goodison was against Prescot G.S.

The previous year we lost the Junior Shield Final at Anfield against Quarry, 4-3.

Eric was an excellent " footballing" centre-half, and it`s good to hear he still has the strength to get into his attic. I have quite a few pictures, and details of those finals so if Eric is interested I could email them. The attached pictures were taken at Kings School Chester in the first round, and feature myself, Eric, Owen Fisher, and Mike Galley.. They were 2 great teams, who won most of the matches---happy days!

At Kings

After leaving school, Dave Barraclough and myself went into Non League football, but I dont know what happened to the rest. I signed for the Old Boys when I was 34, and enjoyed 4 years with them. By this time I was as slow as Li Ross, but an inch fatter ( only joking Li, --it might have been 2 inches )

I still see Dave and although we are still available, nobody calls.

John Fowler ( 1955-62)

Hi Lads,

Now that all "the guilty" Have been identified, why don't you all have a little reunion, at next October's COBA Dinner?

At least one of you will be there - Li never lets us down - You'll be able to see his smiling face, half hidden by a microphone, entertaining us all :-)

Cheers - Webmaster