Jim Turner Letter

From: Jim Turner (1950 to 1957)

Received: July 24th 2011
Subject: Memories, etc.

Dear Webmaster,

I was intrigued to see several letters from an old friend of mine - Bobby Edwards. We did indeed both go to the same Primary School, Granton Road and whose headmaster Mr Troilett was an Old Boy of the Collegiate. Please tell Bob that it was Quarry Bank who beat us 1-0 in the Junior Final. One of their players was the brother of Eddie Spicer the left back of the Liverpool team. We had a goal disallowed for off-side (my header from a Brian Labone cross) at the Kop end. We were very disappointed after beating SFX 9-0 in the semi final.

I knew that Bob had gone down south as I called in to see his mum in the sixties but had no idea that we may have been in Canada at the same time. I taught in Saskatchewan and Alberta between 1968 and 1974. I returned to Australia in 1974 and am now retired in Brisbane.

I have fond memories of the I.O.M. School camps under Mobe Mansell. Maybe his name was Richard and he got Mobe from Moby Dick?? Looking back I realise how lucky we were that teachers gave up 2 precious weeks of their holiday time to supervise us. We had loads of fun riding our bikes all over the island. I had my first pint in a pub at Ramsey at the tender age of 13 and feeling very grown up. The village dances were also a big attraction as were trips to Douglas. I remember leaving the bikes locked outside a Police Station.

If you could pass on my email address to Bob Edwards I would greatly appreciate it.

Yours truly

Jim Turner

From: Robert Edwards
Sent: Monday, July 25, 2011 2:53 PM
Subject: RE: Jim Turner

Hi Webmaster,

I am absolutely thrilled about this! Thanks for passing on the great news.

Bob Edwards

Hi Webmaster

Thank you for your prompt reply. I was at the Collegiate from 1950-57. I had C.R.Woodward as both my 3A and 5B formmaster. He continually attempted to convert me to playing his beloved rugby. He was aided and abetted in this by Mr. White my French master. Pat Kneen was Deputy at the time with K.A.Croft as Principal. Other teachers I remember were:- Falconer (Latin and French), Howarth (German), Bamber, Jones (English) Quale (Maths), White (Music), Ashcroft (Maths), Pobjoy (French and German), Chalk (woodwork), Jennings (Chemistry), Hayne (Physics) Ma Hill (Physics),Gillespie (maths). My Geography teacher in 3A was Danny Hall who died suddenly.

I was more interested in the sport side of things and did not apply myself to studies as I should have done. I played football and cricket throughout my career at the school and was awarded colours in both. My report cards all said the same thing 'Capable boy who should do better'. After doing National Service with the RASC at NATO headquarters in Paris where I was a shorthand typist (fantastic time of my life) I enrolled at St.Luke's College, Exeter from 1960-63. After graduating I emigrated to Australia. I stayed four years and then had a year in Scotland (Auchtermuchtie - try saying that quickly). The reason for that move was that our son had been born with both feet deformed and we were told to take him to a Mr Patterson in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. After a successful operation and recovery Canada was recruiting so I took the opportunity and went with my wife and child to Saskatchewan (2 years) and Ft.McMurray, Alberta (4 years) where I taught High School Geography, Social Studies and History. Loved Canada but couldn't take the cold winters (as low as -40 often). In 1974 Queensland were recruiting Educationalists and we took the opportunity to return to the sun. I worked for the Queensland Education Dept. for the next 28 years in a variety of posts - teacher, specialist and lecturer. I refused to take my family to the Bush so was not eligible for Principal positions although the Dept used me as temporary Acting Prin/Vice Prin on many occasions.

Classmates that I remember are John Abbott, Gordon Moseley, Wally Brown, John Martin, Alan Spicer, Bob Ashton, Tommy Jones, Jimmy Mawdsley and Bob Ashcroft. Arthur Dean, Brian Labone and Bobby Edwards from football teams. I played for the COB in 1963 whilst home from College. One game I remember was being thrashed 6-2 by Aigburth People's Hall. Gordon Moseley actually played for them! He was also at SHAPE (NATO)the same time as me although he was a driver with REME.

I hope that this has re-awakened memories in other COBs, who may be able to come up with other tales of the old school.


Jim Turner