The "CARLTON" Letter

N.B. It is our policy to print writeups, from our members, regarding books that they have written. Though Ms. Carlton is not a member, her father (Sir Stanley Holmes), was President of our Association and we feel that this is a special case.

He was Chief Executive and Town Clerk of Liverpool and in 1973 he was appointed as the Chief Executive of the newly formed Merseyside County Council. He was Knighted during his time with the Merseyside County Council, which was an honour he richly deserved for his major contribution to the communities of Liverpool and Merseyside.

He was a keen member of our Association for many years
and served it well as President. Some of the older members will recall his wonderful and amusing after Dinner contributions at the Annual Dinners of the Association.

Sent: 27 May 2017 14:04
Subject: " Penny Lane and All That and the Collegiate."

Dear Mr Williams

My late father, Sir Stanley Holmes, was President of the Collegiate Old Boys Association.

In that context I write to seek your help in drawing your members' attention to my recently published book:- Penny Lane and All That Memories of Liverpool. I do hope you will feel able to circulate this email and the attached details of my book to the Old Boys Association.

Penny Lane and All That contains a number of references to the Collegiate including my father's appreciation of the education the Collegiate gave him, his pride in being President of the Old Boys Association, the card containing the maxims of Bishop Middleton which the school sent him after he left, and, in the chapter on the Wallace case, mention of the large children's chess tournament that was held at the Collegiate every Easter and which I greatly enjoyed.

Thank you for your help.

Best wishes

Ann Carlton