The "C.TYRRELL" Letter

From: Charles Tyrrell (1962-68)
To: The COBA Secretary
Sent: 23 May 2017 23:49
Subject: COBA

Dear David,

I was delighted to come across the Association website recently. It brought back so many memories.

I was at the Collegiate from 1962-1968 (I think) and although I appreciated being there, I did not have a brilliant academic career! I was one of those sickly boys suffering from chronic asthma and other ailments. Still, I am alive and now live in Nelson, New Zealand with my wife Elaine. I am an ordained Anglican priest and former dean of Nelson Cathedral, NZ.

Looking at the website I was immediately struck by seeing the name of B. C. Fitton. I do believe that Mr Fitton came to the school as a new teacher and shared the duties of form master as he was so new. I am guessing this might have been 4C. I have my school report book in which he wrote in red ink (anathema to teachers today my wife tells me) 'Tyrrell has almost achieved what he set out to achieve. BOTTOM!' Ouch!

Well Mr Fenton I went on to be a State Registered Nurse, a Lay Reader in the CofE, an Organist and Choirmaster, an ordained clergyman culminating in being dean of a cathedral. On the way I collected a Bachelor of Arts degree and then a Master of Theology degree from Oxford University. Maybe Mr Fenton's words spurred me on to better achievement.

Looking at the website I was moved to see the photograph of Sydney Chalk, whom I knew as a Maths teacher. He had bad halitosis and often wandered about the class leaning over boys to see how they were working. I remember one day when I was hauled out before the class and made to stand on the teachers platform to explain a mathematical problem. When I didn't get it, he slapped me around the face with a cupped hand and said, 'Go home to your mum and dad that Old Sid gave you a cup!' In other words the slap sounded worse than it felt.

Finally in this trip down memory lane, I was pleased to see the name of the VP then Headmaster C.R.Woodward. Once in the third form I was caught cheating in a Latin test by a stand in teacher. I went to see Mr Woodward who caned me for cheating. I never did anything like that again and I have been working out my shame ever since! (I never did tell my Mum and Dad about the caning!)

I will look at the site from time to time. My wife and I are coming to UK in December to be with our daughters (who live in Windsor and London) for Christmas and then to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in Liverpool at the end of the month.

Best wishes to you all.