The "Vic Ash" Letter

From: Vic Ash (1957-62)
Date: June 2016
To: Webmaster
Subject: COBA Lunches

Hi Webmaster,

I wish to thank everyone who was involved in the organisation of the excellent COBA lunch which took place throughout the afternoon of 7th June 2016. It was held at the Artists Club on Eberle Street in Liverpool city centre. This was my first involvement with COBA but it will certainly not be my last.

This my first visit to the Artists Club. The food and service were top class and the venue is certainly one of the treasures of Liverpool

Renewing acquaintances with some old pupils I had not seen since 1962 was very special. It was so interesting to hear of all the different paths that had been taken since those Collegiate years. The conversations were interspersed with stories and reminders (nearly always humorous) of ‘Ma’ Hill, ‘Moggie’ Morgan, ‘Chalky’ White, ‘Bertie’ Banyard etc.  They added to the stories and jokes which were aired at the COBA Annual Dinner, which again was an excellent evening and one I particularly enjoyed in which I renewed many old friendships.  However, the underlying main theme was how much the years at the Collegiate had meant to everyone and how much they had provided a solid base for the years ahead.

My invitation to the event came about when, last year, I was at Liverpool’s Cricket Ground in Aigburth and I happened to meet Colin Greaves and Alan Markham. My work had kept me in contact with Colin but I had not seen Alan since 1962 at the end of my school days. We had started in 3C together in 1957. We took different paths through the school but ended up in 5C together.

Colin and Alan told me about the good work of COBA and kindly invited me to the re-union event at Eberle Street for which I thank them both. I only hope that they can squeeze in another Lunch between now and the Annual Dinner in October.

Just a few days ago I was listening to Radio 2 and Graham Gouldman, an original member of 10CC, was being interviewed. He was born on 10 May 1946, just five days after me. He was asked that because of his age, had he considered not touring and playing anymore. His reply was that he would continue for as long as he could and went on to say that 'when he was on stage he always felt as if he was sixteen again. '

When I heard that I realised that this was very similar to the way I had felt when I met with my old colleagues on 7th June. As a result I’m really looking forward to any future events and would advise any Old Boys to consider joining with us and to see if they too can get that ‘sixteen’ feeling again!

I noticed that quite a few seemed to have noticed the map (on the website) showing the proximity to ‘Moorfields Station’). There were some ‘hardy travellers’ who had journeyed from as far as Southport, Chester and West Kirby (waving their Bus-Pass). Not to mention the lad who had come from that Wild West Country of ‘Hunts Cross’ 


Vic Ash (1957 – 1962)

P.S. The team sheet on the video clip (of the School Song) for our choir should be:-

Alan Markham, Edward Murphy, Ian Ferguson, Bill Thomas, John Morris, Les Howell, Evan Jones, Graham Stow, David Canter, Dave Barraclough, Norman Kennett, George Hutchins, Alan Gainer, Dave Winsland, Vic Ash, Colin Greaves, Frank Williams, Joe Lucas (Chairman COBA)

Hi Vic,

Thank you very much for your letter.  You certainly evoked the atmosphere of these affairs.

The lunch photos (and Video Clip) have been placed on the "Gallery" Page.  Working from the above list of names, can any members put names to the faces on the photos? 

Cheers Webmaster