The "Fred Doyle" Letter

From: Fred Doyle (19??-??)
Date: April 2016
To: Webmaster
Subject: CCF_RAF

Hi Webmaster,

Here are some photos* of the CCF’s RAF Section. I have fond memories of my time with the Section. Unfortunately it closed when its OC, Cedric Wilde, left LCS to go to The Holt. I went to see nearly every teacher asking for one to take over the Section. None would, and it came to the point that whenever a teacher saw me approaching he headed for the hills.

Sadly, Sid Philpotts died very suddenly when in the VIth Form. I thought him to be the best cadet in the Section. He was very keen.

The RAF Section had its own hut in the School yard, a relic from the days before the CCF when the School had an Air Training Corps Squadron, (No 780 Squadron ATC).

Cheers - Fred Doyle

* To see the photos, click on HERE.

Hi Fred,

Thank you very much, Fred, for these Pics - Not only were they a "Blast from the past", but they were of remarkably good quality compared to some that we get.

Your photos have been placed on the "Gallery" Page. They can be accessed using the above link. 

We don't seem to remember a schoolyard hut for the ATC, even during the war years when we knew it as the ATC.  -  If any of our members have stories of the old ATC and its change to the CCF we are sure that they would make interesting reading to the older of our members.

By the same token, do any members recognise any of the faces on the photos?  We'll even accept some comment about the Sailors in the last photo.

We would like to take the opportunity to reiterate that we would prefer that images be in the "*.jpg" format and Text be in "*.txt" format - In this case, the images were sent in "*.docx" format which might not be convenient for our members who are using older versions of Microsoft Word which uses the "*.doc" format.

Cheers Webmaster