The "Derek Long" Letter

From: Derek Long (19??-??)
Date: December 2015
To: Webmaster
Subject: Mr. W S Griffiths

This is a photocopy of an article from Esmeduna dated July 1955, sent in by an Old Boy (named Derek Long)


Thank you Derek - An interesting piece of memorabilia.  If you care to send us the details of the years that you were at the old school, We'll be only too pleased to put them in at the top of this page :-)

BTW - We did get a quick reply to your letter, from Gwyn Thomas - Here it is below

I seem to remember the name "Nit" - Does any other member know the reason for this name ???

Cheers Webmaster

Hi Webmaster,

I was not taught by him but seem to recall him in my time and Known as `Nit Griffiths`  ??????

Regards Gwyn