The "T.F.Craven" Letter

From: Terry Craven
Date:  11/12/2014
Subject:  "Mystery Teachers ???"

Hiya Webby

Some of the other fellows might remember me as " TC" after "Top Cat",

With reference to your "Mystery Teachers" puzzle picture on the home page, I'm virtually certain that #6 is Mr. Mander. A few years ago I was on the board of Governors of Our Lady of Fatima. The headmaster was a guy called Dave Hart whose drinking partner and cream cake fan was Bob Mander. Also I met him when he was headmaster at Ellegreen and then again when he was headmaster at Queen Mary's High. I must say I found it difficult to conceive Mander looking after a thousand girls.




Well done, young man.  Not only are you correct, but you did write to tell us this several weeks ago.  We have spent all this time trying to confirm your opinion. 

What helped to convince us was that a young lad called Andrew Jennings also wrote in to confirm that it is Bob Manders.  Well done to him.

We are disappointed at the poor response to this little puzzle.  We had thought that spotting any ex-pupils in the pic would have been a doddle :-)

We honestly did have hopes that more 'mystery pics' might appear in our Inbox to set more challenges.  Come on, now!

Cheers - Webby