The William Leslie Booth Letter  (May 2013)

From:         Deborah Booth
Subject:     Framed Watercolour

Dear Webmaster,

I have an original, framed watercolour of "The Liverpool Collegiate, Shaw Street" signed by Frank Green and dated 1974.

The picture was a much loved gift to my late father and Collegiate old boy, William Leslie Booth (1931-2010).

I would like to donate the picture to COBA to sell and put the money to either the LCOB funds or a charity of their choice.

The picture and frame is in excellent condition and I'm sure someone would love to have it.

It measures 25" W x 19" H and is ready to hang.

If you can help me, please get in touch. I no longer live on Merseyside but I'm a frequent visitor to family and friends, so could easily make arrangements to deliver.

Kind regards,

Deborah Booth

 Hi Deborah

Thank you for email and kind offer – I forwarded it to the other members of the COBA Council.

As you would expect, there was a lot interest and the painting would definitely be displayed at the yearly dinner for our members [probably with a picture of the display on our Website].

We would, of course, be interested in hearing from other COBs who have memories of William Leslie Booth from his schooldays  - possibilities he displayed an interest in art, even at such an early age.

Cheers – Webmaster.

Hello again,

I'm delighted to hear of the interest. I know my Dad would be very pleased to see his picture go to someone who will really appreciate it.

If you don't have a chosen charity, perhaps I could request that a cancer charity is chosen as my father's life was taken by this terrible disease.

When is your yearly dinner?

I'm happy for my email to go on your website. I'll try to get a good photo to you by email in the next few days to go with it.

I look forward to hearing from you again.

Many thanks,

Deb Booth


Our Dinner is always in Late October

I will definitely be putting onto the website any photo your Father that you can send – I would recommend that any scanning should be done at a good resolution (300+ ppi) and sent as a Jpeg file

Thank you (again) – Webmaster

Hello again

As promised, here are jpegs of the watercolour and of Dad. The picture of Dad (the sentry in Barcelona) shows his sense of humour to a 'T'.

Hope these are OK for you.

Best wishes,


Here is your pic of your Dad:-

Booth Barca

And, just to make people's mouth water, here is the picture by Frank Green:-

Booth Pic

BTW - I have magnified the signature, for those amongst us who like "all base to be covered", as you can see below:-


Yes! - It is definitely a genuine Frank Green Watercolour :-)

Cheers - Webmaster