"Harrison" Letter

From: Norman Harrison
To: davidwilliams465@btinternet.com
Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Subject: Newsletter

Dear David,

Goodness knows how but I have just ‘discovered’ the Web site. Could be something to do with living in the antipodes. I have not seen a Newsletter for ages now and wonder if I am on the mailing list or as could be possible i have not given you my address. I have checked with the Bank and my subs have been paid. it would be great to hear from the OBs.
Hope you can fix

Norman Harrison
4 E**** C****
WA ****

Hi David,

Thanks for your letter.  Our Secretary is looking into the matters that you mention.  What was missing from your missive, was the years that you were at The Collegiate. If you can get back to me, with this data, I'll add therm to your letter and enhance the chances of other COBs remembering you and writing in to contact you.

Please note that we have not printed out the details of your address in case you wanted to maintain your privacy.  As usual, we are prepared to forward (to you) all emails that other COBs send in, as a reply to you.

Yours - Webmaster