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"Dave Barrow" Letter

From:     Dave Barrow (1959 - 1966)
Sent:      26 April 2013 15:00
Subject: Teachers

I was at Collegiate 1959 - 1966, so memories are a bit remote but I think I suffered under most of the following :-

Barry Peters  Science in the outside Chem Lab

Grosvenor    Art...sadly he was very deaf and had little idea of what was going on behind his back

Trubridge  (I think)   nicknane Tubby

Howarth   (Again a weak memory) but I think he arrived to teach history at the same time as Fenton. Think his nickname was jack

Hankey  Taught classics and was form master to 4A. Had an epileptic fit during a latin lesson and never came back. Was replaced by  Herring

Herring   Nickname Kipper...always had a decorative handkerdhief in his jacket breast pocket and I think had a soft scottish accent...called boys "laddie"

Fryer    Gym

Welton    Again stretching memory here. Was either Wood or metalwork and ran the Angling Club. Ran a Land Rover and appeared to be from monied stock.  Short  balding gentleman who was Form master to Alpha History and very religious. Had a french wife.

E G James   Nickname egg   French and ran the Railway Society with Ian macmillan as secretary.  Caused chaos if he used a word starting with eg, for egsample.

Shillaker  Taught French and was form master to Remove A...good cricketer but ledl he was named Roy although his initials were BRS

Greaves  Geography..think he was Brian.   He left in 1960's. leg break bowler and Methodist local preacher

Kay  Think he was Classics and went on to be HM Inspector

I've probably set myself up for contradiction but it was a long time ago

Dave Barrow

Hi Dave,

My stint was ten years earlier than yours, so there are only a few names that I can bring to mind :-

Grosvenor ---   Art - He certainly didn't manage to bring any artistic talent out of me - In fact, I cant't remember any deafness (ten years earlier) but he did seem to keep good discipline - But I do remember a pretty tall thin guy with an ability to make my rear end "warm up" an awful lot, using a short (thickish) circular wooden stick - Most of the other teachers whacked us with the (rectangular cross-sectional) piece of wood that falls off the front of a desk :-(

Howarth ---  I assume that you mean "Ducko" Howarth (as mentioned by "Weekend Willy", in the Liverpool Echo)  - If so, he was supposed to teach me "Divinity", but I could never enthuse - I won't go too deeply into my opinion of him - So, I'll confine myself to the opinion that he appeared to be a "Religous Maniac" and the most cold blooded man I have ever met - A dangerous combination.

Trubridge (Spelling ?) ---  He never taught me - I think he only taught "Sixth Formers".

E G James ---  I don't think that this James  taught Woodwork Teacher ??? - If not, I never met him

I hope your memories might provoke some other "lads" to regail us with some more tales from long ago.

Cheers - Webby