The Notable - ARNOLD  JONES  -  1905 to 1964




Note -  On the Football Photo (above), he is in the centre.


On the Cricket Photo (above), he is at the end of the front row (far right, as you look at it).  A complete listing of the cricket players names is :-  Back row:  J. Skae, A.L. Young, W. McN. Inglis, H.R. Breytt, F.S. Appleby, G.H. Brindley.  Front row:  M.N. Leathwood, J.B. Moore, C.L.Unsworth,  W.Kay, A. Jones. 


Members will recall that Mrs. Heather Shaw, the daughter of the late Arnold Jones, sought the help of the Association in finding for her a photograph of her father, sitting next to Charlie Olden (`Ted Ray`) during their time at the Collegiate. Unfortunately, the photograph that the family had at home, has been mislaid. So far we have been unsuccessful in helping her, as most of his contemporaries will have passed on.  However, we will keep trying, as Arnold Jones and Charlie Olden both played together in the School soccer and cricket teams and somebody, somewhere, may have a photograph of them.


Knowing of her father`s sporting activities, we asked Mrs. Shaw if she would provide some information about him for inclusion in our Newsletter and Website. This she has done and, furthermore, has kindly offered the Association the memorabilia associated with his sporting ties - to  which reference is made below.


Arnold Jones

A pupil at the Collegiate School between about 1913 - 21. A contemporary of Charlie Olden (`Ted Ray`). They were good friends and played in sports` teams together.


Arnold was born on the 15th December, 1905, and it is understood that Charles Olden was born in the previous November - both being in the same Form(s) at School. Arnold was a keen sportsman and played in the School Soccer and Cricket teams.  He was Captain of a School Team which won the Shield and was presented with a book by the School to mark this achievement in 19??. During the 1930s he played for the Old Boys Football team (no doubt the First Team if there was more than one team at this time). He played in a representative team of the I Zingari League and the Lancashire County - no mean achievement.


On giving up playing football he took to golf and was the founding member of the Zingari Golf Society in 1936 - a prestigious Society which is still in being.  He was also a member of Childwall Golf Club, Liverpool


medal medal

Here is a photo of the Shield Team 1921 – 1922.  Arnold Jones is on the very front of the photo as you look at it.


football team