Bob Brown Letter

From: Bob Brown. (Teacher)
Subject: The Fire.

Dear Webmaster,

Having read your magazine and viewed your website I am eager to contribute. I shall send the treasurer my completed standing order form this week.

To set the ball rolling I attach my recollections of the fire in 1985 (there seems to have been another one some years later) together with some photographs I took the morning after.

Also, your members may be interested in my You Tube video  " Manchester to Chester in 4 min 40 sec."   They may be interested in the fact that two Collegiate teachers make brief appearances in it: Hugh Hollinghurst and John Butler.

I am sure I have lots of other interesting memorabilia squirreled away. It will be stored in boxes in the loft. If turns up, I shall pass it on.

Bob Brown.


Hi Bob,

We've placed your "recollections of the fire", into the same section as the other items about the fire - To access, click on HERE

The two teachers, that you mention, are not forgotten, we're sure.  Our readers will be looking forward to the "memorabilia squirreled away" that you mention  - Don't leave it too long.