Eric Williams Letter

From: Eric Williams (1943 -1949)
To: Webmaster
Subject: Prep Memories

Hello Webmaster,

I was in form 2 (Prep School) in 1943. I still have a small picture given to me by Miss Sterland inscribed "Thanking you for your help as Form Captain". Made an eleven year old feel really wanted.  Don’t think I approved of her marriage to Sammy Robinson some years later. I hated Geography & was always in trouble with Sammy.

Memories of all the staff, mentioned on the Website, are still fairly vivid particularly Miss Hill & Miss Robinson, two formidable ladies to say the least. One much liked teacher was Dizzy Gillespie who liked to take everybody on at table tennis after school , an excellent mathematician.

My progress was nothing other than doing enough to keep out of trouble.  Forms:- 2, 3d, 4a, RemA, 5e, Trans.A, regretted lack of application after the age of 14 but still enjoyed the Collegiate.

Did play for all the cricket teams from :Chicks to First Eleven. Played soccer with C.O.B from 1949 to 1972. Still a member of the COB ASSOCIATION

Enjoyed reading the Website.


Eric Williams (E.T.Williams)

Hi Eric

I well remember you, from the prep.  The three classes were more-or-less, a homogeneous group.  Later on, in the 'The Big School', classes didn't mix as much.  I remember you as a Cricketer - a 'Good Bat'.

In your letter, you mention "a small photo".  I presume you mean a pic of Miss Sterland.  Would it be possible for us to put a copy of it onto the Website?

I'm sure that there are many members of COBA who remember your exploits on the sports field and let's hope that some of them put pen to paper, with their memories.