T.Weston Letter

From: Tony Weston - (A 1940s pupil)

To:  Webmaster@liverpool-collegiate.org.uk

Sent: March 20th, 2011

Dear Sir,

I saw this advert, in the Liverpool Echo, for a Flat in the old college building.  £115K, seems to be the 'going rate'.  I was wondering whether any other Old Boy might have some pictures taken inside one of the flats, so that we could all see what our old classrooms look like nowadays.


I presume that any photos that were sent in to you, could be copied and returned to the sender, quite promptly,



Thank you Tony - We are quite proud of our "Turn-around-time", with respect with to documents loaned to us.

BTW - The spelling mistake was in this advert, when we received.  I am sure that no COB would have made such a boo-boo :-) :-)