David Williams Letter

Received:  2/Feb/2011

From:          David Williams -  1968 to  1975

Dear Sir,

I was a pupil at The Collegiate from 1968-75 and I look back on it, with much affection.  However, before that I was a pupil at Anfield Road junior School and this Photo dates (from there) in 1967.  l am the smartly dressed young man, wearing a shirt and tie, pictured on the next to back row, second from the right.


We all left the following year, in my case to go to Grammar school at The Collegiate.  Quite a number of the other boys also came with me.  I remember a lot of the names [which I can supply if required] but cannot remember everyone.

I am still in touch with many of them from my Collegiate days.   I would love to hear from some of the lads whom I have not seen for over forty years as many of them will have gone to other schools, mainly Anfield Comprehensive. I would particularly like to hear from Peter Hazlewood, one of the funniest schoolmates I ever had!


David Williams


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