From: Frank Williams
Date: 7 August 2017
To: Webmaster
Subject: "School Memories"

Dear Webby,

I was interested to read the Michael Suter letter as I went all through school with Michael. We were at Holy Trinity Primary, then the Collegiate where Michael did the A stream while did the B.

I actually started in 3C with Moggy Morgan as my Form Master. He took me for English and Latin. Bertie Banyard took me for History with J.E.Bell teaching French. Ma Hill was my Physics Mistress and Major Chalk my Woodwork . I joined the Scouts which the Lab Tech Mr Hewitt ran. Moving up to 4B, meant keeping Major Chalk and J.E.Bell for the same subjects but Moggy now took me for History. J.F.Jones took over for English and N.Evans for Latin. Ducko Howarth, a very strict disciplinarian was my Form Master and he took German. Wally Langton was now teaching me Physics while H.L. Hayes started Chemistry . What a strange guy. Would never give 10 out of 10 in a test, only 9 and a half as nobody was perfect. J A Coles was my new Maths teacher. Next year saw me in Rem B with Bertie Banyard as my Form Master and back to him for History. A new Master came into my life Charlie Woodward, who took an instant dislike to me and never ever gave me a half decent report. A complete new set of language teachers came along, Fat White for French, Cowie for German and I cannot remember who took Latin. My new Maths teacher was an inspiration for me, Monty Moncibovic, he awakened an interest in Maths which has never gone away. Langton and Hayes continued with the Sciences. I moved up to 5B and much to my dismay found that Charlie Woodward was my Form Master and again my English Teacher. Nothing down for me this year. Thankfully Monty stayed as my Maths teacher. I dropped Chemistry and strangely enough in my career, I started to use the subject and found an interest in it. Why I had no interest at School baffles me. D B Tranter now taught History and the new VIP J A Stocks took us for Latin. Cowie continued with the German and Langton with Physics. Again my memory fails me about who was teaching French. I still have my school reports but cannot make out the names of the teachers I cannot remember, is this because they made no impression on me?

I moved up to VIb Maths, where again Monty was one of my teachers along with G R Cox and 2 others I forget, Wally Langton and Maurice Derbyshire took me for Physics, but my big problem was I was really wanting to get out into the big wide world, so I left at Easter without completing the year and managed to get an Apprenticeship with Liverpool Corporation to become an Electrician.

Again strangely, I enjoyed going to College, I think it was because we were treated as adults and given some respect. This makes me remember things such as not being able to use the central staircase or the front doors until we were in the VIth form, being made to line up in twos outside Ducko Howarth's form room until he came and let us in and woe betide anyone making a noise in the corridor. Having your name read out in assembly and having to leave the hall before everyone else and stand outside the Headmasters door for everyone to look at as they came out of the hall. Prefects meetings where you were hit with a slipper and prefects actually taking a run at you to hit you harder. Don't even mention the wearing of the cap! One of the things that I personally disliked was going to Holly Lodge in my first year, to be tested to get in the football and cricket teams. I was a decent footballer and cricketer, but because I was not known by anyone else taking part I was not even given a chance. Then I got slated for not taking part in activities by the teachers in my reports. Sounds like I did not like the Collegiate at all, but I made some good friends there, had some good teachers and am proud of my education.

Regards Frank Williams

Hi Frank - FIRST - Let me apologise for losing your email (It takes years of practice!); and thus producing a delay in publication. If I knew any Latin, I'd say "Mea Culpa".

This email is exactly that we like to receive. It includes lots of names - that should encourage other members to send in more comments about these Teachers, Pupils and Topics.
In my day (I seem to recollect) The Scouts was run by Mobe Mansell, with a rather abortive 'Wolf Cub' section just before the 'Eleven Plus' doomed the 'Prep'. Incidentally, We've never heard of "Fat" White; we only knew a "Georgie" White.

If we don't get some response, to YOUR email, from other members, then "I'll go to the foot of our stairs" (Central staircase, of course :-) :-) )
I see that you have been to one of our lunches (God bless Derek Corlett) - good for you! If any others of our members want to chat to Frank, the next lunch (in February) would be a good venue. You didn't mention if you were going to our dinner on the 20th. If you are, then members could chat to you, about your letter, at the end of this month. :-)

BTW - I thought that Ducko was a religious Maniac :-(

Keep wriitng, Frank

Cheers - Webby