The "M.A. Morris" Letter


From: Mick A. Morris - (1C thru 6A -1969/1975)
Date: August 2016
Subject: Memory of J T Wilkes our chem teacher in lower 6th.

Hi Webmaster

Our form master Pinman - maths I think - took the extreme action of banning us from being inside at break. A first time anyone can recall in the Sixth form.

J T Wilkes took pity on us and let us use the chemistry room at break and lunchtime. He came in after break and myself and ROB WARBURTON were eating bowls of country store. . Instead of interrupting he merely said when Morris and Warburton have finished breakfast we will continue to explore variable valence of the transition metal elements.

I also remember a project we did with him on the solubility of inorganic compounds in acetone. A guy called George Madely decided to heat the acetone over a Bunsen, it ignited burning a hole in the ceiling.

He was the best teacher I ever had - hence the profession.

I also remember vividly a music teacher called Joyce whose skill was picking children up by their sidies. Also going to his wedding in the RC cathedral in school uniform. He was our form teacher in 3rd year and got all our exam marks wrong. I also remember being in the form room after returning from bein snowed in at Colemendy. Simultaneously the best and worst place on earth.

Prof. Mick A Morris
Director AMBER Research Centre
Professor of Surface and Interface Engineering
Trinity College Dublin

Hi Mick,

Thanks for these reminiscences. It definitely brings it all back - albeit at a lower level - 3E, 4E etc. We don't think that 'High Flyers' like yourself had to endure 'Ma Hill. We never did go back (in later years) to tell her what we really thought. (Probably still frightened. :) )

We are always amazed that other COBA Members are not tempted to to correct such memories (or embellish them).

Cheers - Webmaster