The "Bill Thomas" Letter

(N.B.  This letter is actually a reply to the previous letter, which you can read by clicking on "HERE")

From: Bill Thomas - (1954-1960)
Sent: November 2014
Subject: A Reply to 'History Teaching by Pat Kneen'.

Hi Webmaster,

I remember Pat Kneen's Quizzes; alas, it was 1956-57 his last year I think. He was certainly missing for the majority of the year. In retrospect as I recall he did appear ill.

We therefore only had a Cup competition on the lines of the F.A.Cup. Being a "T" there was not much choice of team, I became Leeds United (For John Charles) a poor choice in view of their future attitude to the rules of the game.

I did well to reach the semi-final where I came up against Steve Craig and lost 1- 0. The question was "Who were the BASHI BAZOUKS? I think Steve won the Cup.

I do recall Pat Kneen used to beat time with a pencil

That competition and Top Of The Form were the start of my interest in quizzing

Coincidentally, I attended the 1972 Cup Final Leeds v. Arsenal and found Doug Eaton sitting behind me!

BILL THOMAS (1954-1960)