The "John Morris" Letter

From: John Morris
Sent: August 2014
Subject: COBA Dinner


Hi John

Thank you for your letter and Dinner Money - (Doesn't that phrase remind you of "School Dinners" ?) :-)

We would rather have had your letter as a text file, as we never retype these things in case we inadvertantly insert a typing error.  If you could have emailled a "*.txt" file, it would have been preferable.

Even so, we welcome all letters from members - Even ones scribbled on the back of an old "Exeat" signed by K.A.Crofts :-)

Derek doesn't sit on the top table and, he could sit with you and/or any of your old mates from school if it could be arranged.

Regards - Webby

BTW - Any of your old friends who happen to read this, is very welcome to send in a reply to this letter, if only to confirm that you will/wont be attending the Dinner.