"Bill Pobjoy" Sad News

From: Arthur Evans (1941-46)
Date: 17 August 2014
Subject:Bill Pobjoy

Hi Webmaster,

I was informed last night (by my Cousin, Dorothy) that her husband, Bill, died last month on the 3rd July.

It was his express wish that no special funeral arrangements be made on his demise. I assume it was a quiet close family occasion.

Bill was an Old Boy of the School and after war service he returned to the School as a Master - teaching German I think. I know he was active in COBA in his early days and retained membership of the Association.

He was well thought of as a Teacher and successfully applied to become Headmaster of Quarry Bank Grammar School. The last time we saw Bill was when he attended the unveiling ceremony of the memorial plaque in the Entrance Hall of the School Building. On that occasion we had three Headmasters present - Bill, Ellis Clarke and the Headmaster of the Liverpool College - we had them photographed together.

I will produce, as best I can, an Obituary for inclusion in the Website and the next Newsletter. I will ask Dorothy if she will fill in a few details for me.   We could ask those reading the website if they have any recollections of him and photographs.