Received:  14/ Sept/2010 (by email)

From:          Michael A Leight  -  19?? to  19??
Principal project Manager, Marathon EG Production Limited, Malabo, Punta Europa, E.G. 

Telephone (US);  +1-713-328-1518
Cell phone (EG);  +222-201080
Email;  MLeight@Marathonoil.com

Dear Sir,

I am proud to say that I was indeed a pupil at this great Institution and I have very fond memories of the teachers and the extremely high standards that were installed into almost everyone of us, I have to say that the discipline was somewhat harsh at times however the system in place was fair and honest compared to what we have today.

I came across the site by chance and the memories certainly brought a tear or two. In addition I was very distraught to hear that some fool had  set the great hall on fire..I am also glad to learn that the old place finally got the justice that it so rightly deserved and the magnificent building has indeed been converted into what appears to be excellent accommodation…


Michael A Leight