The Adrian Williams Letter

From: Adrian Williams []
Sent: 05 January 2014 17:22
Subject: Past Pupils


I am truly sorry for troubling you but I have been trying to trace some of my late father's family history and would be grateful if you could offer me some help.

He was Cyril Williams d.o.b. 15 April 1915 at Holyhead, Anglesey.

When the whole country was inflicted with the Spanish flu circa. 1919 he lost both his parents and three junior members of the family in a weekend. As a result the remaining family was fostered out to members of the family. In my father's case he went to live with an uncle of his at Walton Breck Road (the house number was 200+) Anfield and attended the Collegiate. I do not know which years he attended or the number of his house but have a recollection of the property because I visited there in 1986.

Can you offer some help from past records of when precisely he attended the school and the house number in Walton Breck Road.l.

Many thanks and apologies for troubling you

Adrian Williams.

Hi Adrian,

Thank you for your letter; though, I must admit that we are somewhat at a loss as to whether we can be of much assistance to you.

There are `pupil records` in the Liverpool Record Office, but we understand that they are embargoed for 100 years. It may be possible that your father's records could be available now for inspection. It would probably need a visit to the Office as we feel that the staff would be unable to undertake the research involved.  Certainly, since the school closure, some records have been presented to that office for their archives.  You can contact them at :-

As far as the house number is concerned, assuming that your family occupied the house for a reasonable period, some excellent information should be available to you, from an examination of the records of the census via the internet.

If you don't happen to live in Liverpool, you may not be aware that an awful lot of houses have been demolished around the area of the Liverpool Football Club and the house in question may not still be there.  However, Walton Breck Road is probably just outside the area affected by the planned re-building.

However, it is not completely out of the question, that one of our members may read this letter and be able to come up with some more constructive suggestions, which we would be pleased to print.

Regards - Webmaster