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Subject: Pop Group Revival ????

(from Li Ross)

Hi Webby

Doug Eaton addressed the diners at our annual dinner about the forthcoming appearance at The Cavern of his former band, The Detonators. Would you post his message on our website, please?

Cheers - Li Ross

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Subject: The Detonators at The Cavern
Date: Thu, Nov 28, 2013 19:31

Hi Li

I can confirm 'The Detonators' will be on stage at The Cavern Club on Sunday 15th December 2013.

The show runs from 5.30pm to 8.30pm - we have a 45 minute spot at (about) 6.30pm.

All COBA members (and their families) are welcome, and if they let you ( know, I can organize freebie entrance tickets for them.

The most 'efficient' (and cost effective) way of organizing this, is if individuals appoint themselves as 'leaders' to order a number of tickets for their mates/ contacts (whatever), and let it be known know how best to get the tickets to them.

Any questions, give me a bell (07767 844978) or email me.

Best regards

Doug Eaton - (


Reply from Li Ross

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Hi Doug

Good to talk with you on Friday. If you send me details of your forthcoming gig at The Cavern and the 'deal' available for COBs, I'll pass them to Webby for inclusion on the COBA website.

Cheers - Li

Evening Webmaster,

Just back from The Detonators' Cavern Gig where I was accosted by about 7 lads without school uniform or caps. They claim to be Old Boys of the Collegiate!

For evidential purposes I have produced a set of mug shots which need a little work and in additionI should be able to send a report for our Website.

Regards Derek Corlett


Thank you Derek

Here is a copy of your first sample set of 'MUG's in a Mugshot - I hope you have the answers to the questions "WHO-WHAT-WHY-WHERE-WHEN' plus that your set of images are in jpg format.

Did you warn these chaps that they would be expected to contribute a critique of the evening, to be shown on our website?

Cheers Webmaster