G.Corfield Letter


N.B. - I would like to point out that George has written this letter as a reply to my confession that I had managed to make a mess of taking the photos at the Annual Dinner and was in need of any photos that our members may  have taken

From:    George Corfield 1951-1957
Subject: Annual Dinner.

Hi - very unfortunate that you have lost your photos, but it can happen with technology!

I have only one photo,(attached), of myself George Corfield (on right) and Ian Hulme, old boys from 1951-57; we were colleagues together in the sixth form, then left school and worked at ICI Widnes at the same time and used to travel from Liverpool to Widnes on Ian’s scooter. Subsequently, we both gained Technical State Scholarships and left ICI to study chemistry degrees at (different) universities and our paths diverged, followed by marriage, families, careers etc. and we lost touch. It was good to meet up with Ian again, who I have not seen for approx 50 years.

I Hope this is helpful.

Regards, George Corfield