R.Krausse Letter

From:     R.Krausse
Subject:  School History.

I was reading through the letters on the website and realised I may be able to assist with a few of the enquiries.

The CD which showed the interior of the School may well have been the interview which took place in what we called the headmasters study when a series was made by BBC channel 2 on the public schools. The interviewees were Tom (Isle of Man) Ellis and Reg Kissack a prominent Methodist minister who at one time was based in Laxey IOM.

The late Geoff Pye played with Len Rossiter when the Old Boys beat Manchester University 2-1 at Old Trafford in the Lancs, Amateur Cup final. Dave Ellis booted the gaol keeper into the net for the first and Len scored the winner. I understand Len was asked to attend trials for Liverpool and Everton and both the Manchester clubs but in those days it meant a drop in salary and he did not avail himself of the offer.

Billy Leach who played in the school first eleven in late 50's late played for Alvechurch in the midlands.

Ray Krausse

Hi Ray,

We are amazed that nobody has written in to respond to your letter.  If there is nobody who remembers Geoff Pye, then how could there not be scads of COBs who remember Len.  If you haven't got  a memory of him as a Footballer, or a Cricketer then there must be tales to tell, when he was a Sergeant in "Chalkies Army"? :-) 

Is there a picture of that face that we all remember from "Rising Damp", on the 'Telly' ? - It's a pity that we didn't have a "Miss Jones - Miss Jones" at the school. :-)

Come on! - Let's be 'avin' yer!

Cheers Webby