John James Clark, Australian architect, Letter

From: "Diane Gardiner" <>
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2012 3:18 PM
Subject: John James Clark, Australian architect.

Hi David

I was reading the Collegiate website and saw you wanted information on previous students. I am the Manager of the Old Treasury Building in Melbourne Australia. We are celebrating the 150th anniversary of the building this year. It is a Renaissance Revival building and considered to be the finest 19th century public building in Australia. It was designed by John James Clark who went to the Collegiate School in the 1840s. We presently have an extensive exhibition of his beautiful plans and drawings on display.

His family came here searching for gold. Clark acquired his job as a draughtsman with a perfect drawing of Liverpool that includes a small drawing of your school. It is a stunning map. Clark went on to be a major architect in Melbourne and Victoria designing post offices, Court houses, asylums, hospitals, even our Government House. He worked in nearly every state in Australia and a huge body of his work still exists.
If you are interested I could send you a copy of the exhibition panels. You might like to mention the exhibition and our website in your newsletter as some members may be coming to Australia!

The exhibition closes on 30 November 2012.


Diane Gardiner
Manager Old Treasury Building
Spring Street

Hi Diane

I must (very humbly) apologise fo my dilatoryness in not getting this letter onto the website, before now.  My only (rather poor) excuse, is that I assumed that there would be 'follow-up' items to be added to the package, for completeness. 

I've now noticed that your Exhibition closes rather soon and have rushed to get your letter inserted.

All may not be lost, as far as COBs getting a chance to see the Exhibition, is concerned.  We do have many Old Boys, living in Australia, who do keep an eye on the latest news from "The Old Country".  (God Bless 'em) :-)

There are two links, to your letter, near the top of the 'Home Page'.

Cheers - Webmaster