The Tony Dooley Letter

From:         Tony Dooley (1968-1973)
Received:   7th/July/2012
Subject:     General Memories

Dear webmaster.

I attended the school 1968 to 1973 and it left an indelible mark on me both as a decent human being and as an old boy. I was caned by Johnny Gawlor and then a year later by Mr Woodward and I can honestly say I deserved both. I was the only person in the school who got on with Taffy Edwards, mainly because I played for the first eleven when I was only 15.

I went on to have a really good career in non league football culminating in an FA Trophy Final appearance for Northwich Vics in 1983 and it was the excellent grounding at Holly Lodge playing fields that served me well.

A few years ago I was working in a young offenders school and we hired in a teacher, none other then Fred Airey, my form master in 4th year. He didn't remember me which was a bit of a kick in the generals but it was great to chat about the school.

I think I have an Esmeduna in the loft, will search for it.


Tony Dooley

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the letter.  i'm sure it must have triggered memories for other COBs.  Mr Woodward was certainly one of the best teaches that I have ever met.  I have no evidence of the strength of his right arm, but I am sure he was always fair, with the lads.

We are ALWAYS interested in copies of Esmeduna and hope to hear from you, in that respect.

Thanks, again - Webmaster