Received:  26 August 2021

From:     Trevor Delves

Subject: Memories of Peter Galvin

I am Trevor Delves and attended Liverpool Collegiate School 1937-1951 where I met Peter. For more than 70 years I was privileged to have Peter as a most dear friend. I write to mention an important aspect of Peter’s life that others might not be aware of.


Peter was an accomplished musician playing the clarinet. Between 1954 and 1958 he formed and led a band playing New Orleans style traditional jazz. The Pete Galvin Jazzmen played at the Cavern Club in 1956 and that name appears on a brick in The Wall of Fame outside the Cavern in Matthew Street, that records all bands who played there.  The brick naming Pete Galvin Jazzmen is in the centre of the wall 15 rows above bricks showing “John, Paul, George and Ringo” who also played at the Cavern*.

The band consisted of Peter - clarinet, Leslie Galvin (Peter’s younger brother) - trombone, Trevor Delves - trumpet, Ralph (Banjo) Williams and Brian Curtis - guitar. We disbanded in 1958 when Peter and his wife Maureen went to live in America. 


I hope you may consider using some of this information as part of a tribute to a true friend.


Yours sincerely,