Received:  August 2021

From:     Arthur Evans (41-46)

Subject: Death of Derek Long (45/53) 1935/2021

Derek Long had a varied career in Liverpool in Liverpool, teaching at
many schools in the City.
Following his time at the Collegiate he went to Cambridge University,
reading Classics.
I first met him at St. James Church, being a member of the Church and
a Local Preacher.
A Thanksgiving Service was held at the Church, on Saturday, the 24th
July, at which my attention was drawn to another member of the
Congregation who was wearing a COBA tie - his name being Norman Burden, who attended the Collegiate during the same years as Derek and went
to Cambridge. He has an elder brother named Walter.
Derek leaves a Widow and a Son and Daughter.
He will be sadly missed at the Church.