Received:  2020 ((compiled from several emails)

From:          John Butler
Collegiate Teacher

I was a member of staff from 1966 to closure. Metalwork and CDT and involved with Tuck Shop, school Trips and CCF. Whilst I am a Blue Coat Old Boy and latterly their Head of Technology I get far more interest and contact from COBA. 

Two photos of the Metalwork room from the early seventies:

[Regarding a School Trip]

I was delighted to receive the translation of the CCF newspaper photograph from Germany.  Whilst I knew the gist of it, it was good to have it word for word.   I remember on the visit to the Coca cola factory that we were plied with free drinks at each stage. So much so that the cadets were heard to say "not more bloody coke" they also donated a number of footballs for us to donate to the regiment.  The museum referred to was the Cigarette and Cigar Museum.


 CCF in Bunde.

Below are also three photos which should provide clarification. There was no fire and no injury; but the photos show the cadets trying to orientate themselves after being exposed to CS gas. another shows the 20 foot drop!!! and another the "accident" where a small cadet drove a 10 tonner into a tree.





In the following two pictures: The first is at the German Army firing range at Minden.  The German officer is talking to the cadets about range safety.  Paul Croft centre stage (I can't find the one of him asleep on a coach)


The second photo is sent to try to settle the present discussion.  The two helicopters involved are in the photograph. Whilst I had not been "out the night before" as alleged; nevertheless I was affected by the flight.  What Paul Croft didn't know was that the pilot was reprimanded for showing off for unauthorised manoeuvres