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This year the Annual Dinner has been booked for 6.30pm on Friday 29th October at the usual venue, the Athenaeum in Liverpool. The tickets are priced at £27. The Dinner will be preceded by the AGM. For further information and to be kept up to date with any news on this, please email Derek at dereekandmin@msn.com


Remembrance Day 2020

Due to the extraordinary events of this year and the restrictions imposed by the latest locakdown rules, our Remembrance Service at the school could not go ahead. To mark the day, our Chairman David Winsland attended the school with his wife. David laid wreaths and recited 'For The Fallen" (Laurence Binyon) which was followed by a two minute silence and the Khima epitaph. By doing this David has tried to give our former pupils the respect they deserve.



Special Report - AGM and Annual Dinner

As of today, 1 August, the Athenaeum has been unable to give us an assurance that the venue will be open and that they would be able to host the event.

The Council has considered the situation and it has been agreed that it in the current circumstances it is impossible for us to commit to hold the AGM and Dinner in October this year. Therefore, the AGM and Dinner has been ‘postponed’ to a date to be agreed.

We are sure that our Old Boys will appreciate that the decision to ‘postpone’ was not taken lightly but in the best interests of us all. We know that Members decide to attend well ahead of the time and travel from various parts of the UK. We all welcome the opportunity to enjoy the company of our Old Boys.

Suitable notices have been placed on our Facebook pages and on our website. The decision to postpone was made just as the draft Newsletter was ‘ready to go to press’ which meant that some last-minute editing was necessary. I hope it all is OK, (RJ Ed.)

Elsewhere in the Newsletter you will find information on the lunches arranged at the Artists Club in Eberle Street, Liverpool. This is opposite North John Street, off Dale Street. It ought to be mentioned that we meet on an upper floor and regrettably no lift is available in the building. Information of the dates of future lunches can be obtained by contacting Derek Corlett at derekandnin@msn.com.


This Association was formed in 1909, following the transfer of the Shaw Street Schools to the Liverpool City Council, and it maintained a strong connection with the "Liverpool College School" up to the time of the School's closure in 1985. Since then the Association has kept a watching brief on the future use of the Shaw Street building, which is Grade II listed. The building has been converted now for residential use, containing some 90 very tasteful apartments. We hold a service on Remembrance Day, the 11th November each year, in the Entrance Hall of the Building. (Click on"Memories", for details).

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Stop Press

This is the first of the many messages that we receive, in appreciastion of the "Collegiate Times". Emails are perfectly welcome and we would like to see the writers add in that little extra, such as a memory that "brings it all back to them" - AND INCLUDE THEIR THEI YEAR'S OF SCHOOL ATTENDANCE, AFTER THEIR NAMES - THANK YOU

From:Malcolm Carter
Re: The Collegiate Times.

Hello David, (Secretary)

Many thanks for the Collegiate Times which arrived yesterday. It was good to read, as always, and brought back many memories. In fact, I have written down a few memories of my time at the Collegiate, which I now attach.

If they are suitable, please use them in a future edition.

I will be sending my annual subscription to the Treasurer in a week's time.


From: Russell Gould
Sent: 24 August 2020
To: davidwilliams465@btinternet.com
Subject: Prof. Samuel Julius Gould (formerly Goldstein)

Dear Sir,

I am sorry to tell you of the death of my father in December last year, aged 95.

He was a pupil at Liverpool Collegiate in the 1930s before going to Oxford where he read PPE. He worked on Japanese code breaking at Bletchley Park and then became an academic teaching sociology at the LSE and then Professor ar Nottingham University.

I attach his TImes obituary to this email. He subscribed to the Collegiate TImes, the latest edition of which was posted to him, so would like to advise you of this. If you wish to print a brief account of his life in your next edition I would be happy to write it.

Regards - Russell Gould (Son)

Dear Webmaster,

Adverting to my letter of 2016 about Paean Esmedunensis, I must point out an error of mine in the translation: in the second verse for WALL read WALLS. In the Latin of the same verse, exolentes still appears instead of the correct EXCOLENTES provided in the line after the correction PAEAN for PAEN; if exolentes existed it would mean reeking of/stinking of, somewhat out of place in this context.

Death of Randall Berry

I have been forwarded a copy of the COBA Summer news letter for 2020, which was addressed to my late father, Randall Berry, at his former address 3 Ivyhurst Close, Aigburth, Liverpool, L19 3PJ.

My Father was an ex student at The Collegiate and was very proud of his association with the school. I recall that he once told me that he attended at the same time as Leonard Rossiter, although he was more senior to my Father by quite a few years.

My Father was born on 13th August 1931 in Liverpool and passed away on the 9th February 2019 at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

I would be grateful if you would cancel any subscription he may have had for the magazine,

thanks and regards, Kenneth Randall Berry

Death of Donald Mackie

I have the sad duty of recording the death of Donald Mackie, without having any details about him. That is, apart, from the fact that he was a Member of COBA.

What we would appreciate, would be for any member(s) who knew Donald, to write in, to help us out with a few details, 'names & dates' - (especially covering his school career) to form the bare bones of some sort of an Obituary.

(23/8/2010) Death of Philip Percival (????-????)

Today, we received this message from Mrs. Fay Percival :-

My husband Phil sadly died 3 weeks ago from Motor Nueron Disease. He was diagnosed a year last May a devastating blow to us and our family.
Would you please pass this information on to your committee ? I’d especially like Li Ross to know as, I know he knew Phil from his playing days.
Thank you

Fay Percival

We are passing this (rather limited ) information on, in the hope that other members may be able to fill in some gaps, here and there. Possibly, some tales of football exploits may come to mind of ex-teamates.

Death of Ronnie Sharp

Ronnie Sharp was at the school from 1961 until until 1968 (not 100% sure when he left). I knew him from Primary School but he was in the year below me at the Collegiate. I believe he was in the “B” stream. A quiet lad, he became a Geologist and was living and working in Welkom, South Africa at the time of his passing. Ronnie wouldn’t hurt a fly and was definitely one of the “good guys”. It seems to be unclear what happened, but he passed away in September 2019.

A COBA Lunch

Due to THE VIRUS, our most recent lunch was held on Thursday 27th February and 20 Old Boys attended. The venue was (as usual) The Artists Club, Eberle Street, off Dale Street, Liverpool at, 1pm.

Dress Code was Jacket and Tie - but (of course) No Jeans.

Once again, we were indebted to Norman Kennett (email " normankennett@tiscali.co.uk") for masterminding this operation. As usual, this lunch proved most successful and presented a great opportunity to meet fellow old boys and chat over times in Shaw Street. You are free to invite other former pupils .
Frankly, we can't wait for the next one and are already looking forward to it.

One point, that is worth consideration is, that we were so busy enjoying ourselves, that we did not get around to taking more photos for our viewers to spot old pals from the fifties or sixties. I suppose that it would be wishful thinking to envisage (say Frank Galvin) bringing in an old photo from (say form '3-beta-1' from the early forties) with rather a long-gone-memory. You never know - 'maybe next time' !

Derek Corlett



Here is a letterfrom a member, with regards to his Father, who appears to be someone of whom we should all be proud. If any of our members have any data that you feel he might be able to use

You may note that we are not publishing his email address, IN PUBLIC and YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS would only be forwarded to him confidentially.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hi, I read with interest a letter from Mr Benson on your site from 2016 and wonder if he is still alive and whether you could somehow connect us. My father Samuel (Julius) Goldstein was a classical scholar at the school at the same period and I feel certain they must have known each other.

He died last month at the ripe old age of 95 and I am piecing together the story of his life much of which he kept secret even form his own family.

My Dad owed so much to the Collegiate and shared a few memories including being beaten by a teacher and also throwing a bully's book's out of the window .... above all the school got him into Oxford with a full scholarship and he carried on on in academia very successfully.

You are welcome to forward A REPLY to Mr Benson and he is welcome to contact me at AT OUR SITE'S email address.

Kind regards and thanks

David Gould

Honour for Army Captain

A Territorial Army Captain in Bootle, recognised in the Queen’s honours

Captain Tony Ravera, was based at the Territorial Army centre in Strand Road, Bootle. In June 2007 he was awarded an MBE (Military Division) in the Queens Birthday Honours List and in November of that year Tony, accompanied by his wife and two children, attended an Investiture at Buckingham Palace, where he was decorated by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.

This photograph of Tony and his family was taken at Buckingham Palace in November 2007.

Captain Ravera was awarded the MBE is for his dedication to the TA and the community. He took it upon himself to set up a welfare support facility at the centre for families and soldiers who have been deployed on military operations such as Iraq and Afghanistan. A lot of his spare time was also spent as a National Trust volunteer and with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. He was also involved in the renovation of Ellison House where the 'HomeStart' charity is based.

He joined the Army straight from school and enjoyed a military career spanning 40 years: 20 years as a regular soldier/officer and 20 years on the permanent staff of the Reserves, where he ran the TA Centre in Bootle. Much to his disappointment, he was eventually discharged on medical grounds in January 2015 at the age of 58, just 22 months short of his due retirement date.

Described by colleagues as an “unparalleled example to all”, he dedicates most of his waking hours to the Army and the community. A former regular Army soldier for 20 years, the 50-year-old married father of two, has been a Permanent Staff Administration Officer with the 238 Transport Squadron Royal Logistics Corps since 1996.He lives in Wallasey with his wife Linda and has two children, Dean and Carla.

Tony fully acknowledges the steadfast support that he received throughout his career by the many fellow officers, soldiers and civilian staff that, he says, it was a privilege to have served with: he also recognises the unselfish backing, loyalty and sacrifices made by his family over the years. He therefore considers that this accolade could not have been achieved without the priceless support of so many others and, that it is very much in recognition of them as well as himself.

During his time at the Liverpool Collegiate Tony was a member of the CCF and became the contingent Company Sergeant Major before leaving to join the Army in December 1975. Tony says that he had a most successful and enjoyable Army career and attributes much of this to the education he received at the Liverpool Collegiate, and the training and experience that he acquired in the CCF.


BTW - Can any of our members recollect some CCF YARNS to regale us with?

Tony is, of course, one who we are hoping to have as a speaker at our Annual Dinner, in the future.

If anyone knows of any other Old Boys who have received honours or awards please let us know, as we would like to formulate a list for COBA records.

(COBA Ties)

As you can guess, from our title, we have finally got COBA Ties in stock. You'll be pleased to know that we managed to beat down their price to only £12 each (Including Postage). Of course, this means that you can all FLAUNT your nice new tie and be the envy of ALL your friends.

All it takes is an email to <ron@liverpool-collegiate.org.uk> and 'all will be revealed', including the fact that you can pay by Pay Pal.

Replacement Officers

Here at COBA, we are still looking for a reserve team of members who would be capable of taking over the duties of certain present Officers of the Council, when the time comes for them to pass on their duties.

We have identified two of the offices that could suffer most, from an hiatus due to a retirement. These are Secretary and Treasurer. With this in mind, we are trying to prepare for all eventualities, by:-

(a) Keeping a set of (up-to-date) Backup Data for each of the jobs.

(b) Inviting volunteers from the membership who would be prepared (at this time) to acclimatise themselves as to how the duties of a retiring officer are performed and how the data is organised. This, of course, is with a view to taking over the duties when a retirement occurs.  Thus, we are inviting interested members to contact our Chairman, by clicking on Chairman for further details. 

COBA  Facebook

The Collegiate Old Boys Association now have an official Group on the social media site Facebook. You can visit the Group page by clicking this link:-


The Group page is relatively new and we hope to generate more interest by posting regular articles and news about the school and the activities of COBA. It is also meant as a platform for discussion.  Feel free to either contribute or just browse.

N.B. - When you use the above link, you will be requested to sign in, using your Facebook Password or to join Facebook - This is a requisite, in order to access the entries.

If you want to join the Facebook Group you need to have a Facebook account. You can get a Facebook account (at no cost) by clicking on:-


BTW - You can try to solve the latest in the Guess the Year Puzzle , They are not easy but then again, they are not too hard. Have a go and see.

We look forward to meeting you there.

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A Cri de Coeur.

It has been pointed out to us, that what we need (on our site) are some definitive articles about periods in our history, that are often referred to,  but exact details are not commonly known.   Accordingly, we would like to put together a page covering exactly what did happen, at any one of these times

What we need, is data, from our readers including, of course, photographs (Preferably scanned at 300 ppi and be in JPEG form with accompanying text).  Any of our readers, who have memories of such incidents can contact us by clicking on HERE

Such topics, might include :--

Bangor - The school was evacuated to Bangor - Where? (exactly) - When? (exactly) - For how long? - Did ALL the school go? - Which members of the staff went? - Did "The Prep" go? - Was the Shaw St. building closed down? - What Sport was available?

The Fire - What we need, is a definitive article about the disastrous fire that caused closure of the school.  We do have quite a few photos of the damage that was done - but no description of the events. We don't expect - "I was sitting there reciting some Latin, when I felt a blast of hot air rising up the back of my chair ......." - What were people doing when it occurred? - What did people say, to each other? - Did anyone rush down to see the flames? - Or next day to see the ruins? - Did you go inside? - Did you see any souvenir hunters, picking through debris?

Colomendy - (Sometimes referred to as 'Colomenditz') - Many Liverpool schools used this 'Outdoor Centre' - Contributions from Non-COBs would be considered (to stimulate memories )

School Camps (and CCF Camps) Where? - When? - How long? - Who went? - Which staff went? ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC.    ETC. 

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